Worcestershire sauce

Ingredients for making Worcestershire sauce

  1. onions 1 pc. (medium size)
  2. garlic 2 cloves
  3. ginger 1 1/4 rhizomes
  4. mustard (seeds) - 3 tbsp. l taste
  5. red peas 1/2 tsp.
  6. tamarind 1/4 Art. (fruit pulp)
  7. 2.5 cm cinnamon sticks
  8. cloves 1 tsp. (buds)
  9. cardamom 1/2 tsp (ground grains)
  10. soy sauce 1/2 tbsp. (sweet or dark)
  11. vinegar 2 tbsp.
  12. curry 1/2 tsp
  13. black peas 1 tsp.
  14. anchovy 1 pc.
  15. sugar 1/2 tbsp.
  16. salt 3 tbsp. l
  17. water 1/2 tbsp.
  • Main Ingredients: Onion, Garlic
  • Serving 5 servings
  • World CuisineEnglish Cuisine


cutting board, knife, gauze (dense, for cooking ingredients), a piece of twine (for binding gauze), a large pot, bowl, a container of stainless steel or glass (for 2-week storage of the sauce, large size, with a tight-fitting lid) , bottles (for storing finished Worcestershire sauce)

Cooking Worcestershire sauce:

Step 1: Cut the products.

We cut products into small pieces. Wash onions and finely chop with a sharp knife on a cutting board. Chop the garlic. Thinly chop the ginger rhizome. Finely chop the anchovy.

Step 2: Wrap the spices in a gauze bag.

Onions, mustard seeds, garlic, peas of red pepper, black peas, cinnamon, ginger, cardamom and cloves are wrapped in a piece of dense gauze and bandaged in such a way as to make a reliable bag that would not drop anything. Put this gauze bag in a large pot. Add vinegar, sugar, tamarind pulp and soy sauce to the pan.

Step 3: Cook the sauce with spices.

Put the pan on a big fire, let its contents boil, then turn off the gas and let the mixture continue to boil for about 45 minutes. While the spices are boiling, prepare the next mixture. Combine water, anchovies, curry and salt in a bowl. After 45 minutes, pour this mass into a saucepan where the sauce is cooked, and then remove the sauce from the heat.

Step 4: Pour the sauce into a stainless container.

Pour Worcestershire sauce into a specially prepared container (glass or stainless steel). Put in a container and bag with spices. Close the contents tightly. Put the sauce in the fridge for two weeks. From time to time, take out a container, mix the contents and squeeze a gauze bag with spices.

Step 5: Bottling the sauce.

After two weeks, remove the Worcestershire sauce from the refrigerator. Throw the bag of spices. Pour the contents of the stainless container into clean bottles. The sauce is ready to eat. Keep it in the refrigerator and shake the bottle with Worcestershire sauce before use. Enjoy your meal!

Recipe Tips:

- - This sauce will be deliciously combined with hot appetizers, with meat fried and stewed dishes, with fried and boiled fish as a side dish. Season salads, cheese croutons, stews, egg bacon, sandwiches, alcoholic cocktails (for example, "Bloody Mary") with Worcestershire sauce.

- - A properly prepared dish has a very high concentration. Usually enough 2-3 drops of sauce for one serving.

- - You can use ready-made Worcestershire sauce to season your marinades.

- - Worcestershire sauce is considered very difficult to prepare. In addition, professional chefs have their own secrets for cooking it. So if you managed to cook such a sauce and it tastes good - you can congratulate yourself! So, you have seriously improved your culinary skills.