Man Gets Domino’s to Deliver Pizza to a Moving Train

A British DJ became everyone’s hero when he successfully ordered pizza aboard a moving high-speed train

“What’s your delivery address?” “Well… it’s difficult to say at the moment. It keeps changing.”

This guy is an upper-crust hero.British dubstep music producer DJ Artwork got the attention (and admiration) of his fellow travelers when he successfully got Domino’s to deliver pizza onboard a train from Glasgow to Sheffield. The popular DJ documented the entire event on Twitter, including his original plan to order from Pizza Hut. Unfortunately, it was too busy to make a delivery to a speeding train.

You can watch the exchange below:

A new era train travel will never be the same again :) pic.twitter.com/XFpMfutqey

— Klose One (@KloseOne) April 24, 2016

Unfortunately, if you were picturing a high-speed chase of a moving train and some sort of Domino’s delivery robot, you’d be wrong. Domino’s just quickly delivered his delivered his ham, mushroom, beef, and pineapple pizza to the platform in Darlington. Still, that’s some impressive timing on Domino’s part.

He even kindly shared with a fellow puckish passenger:

'ello Leslie ash wants a slice .... pic.twitter.com/v5i8ED4NUi

— Celebrity DJ Artwork (@artworkmagnetic) April 23, 2016

Watch the video: Domino (January 2022).