Zupa Noma Introduces Portable Soups, No Spoon Required

Gone are the days of juicing; now it’s all about souping. And in a bowl of soup, these nice guys no longer finish last.

There’s a soup sure to please even the pickiest taste buds thanks to Zupa Noma, a bottled soup that doesn’t require spoons. The brand offers an array of tantalizing flavors — classic tomato gazpacho, easy tomatillo jalapeño, spicy yellow pepper habanero, exotic beet orange basil, tangy carrot coconut lime, and refreshing cucumber avocado fennel. Zupa Noma is a USDA-certified organic and high-pressure processed product.

Each flavor has its own taste profile and intensity. Try gazpacho for a neutral balanced flavor. If you’re feeling adventurous and craving a full-bodied, full-flavored soup, you can’t go wrong with the habanero or tangy carrot coconut lime. Beet orange basil and cucumber avocado fennel may sound like a step outside of your comfort zone, but these mild flavors provide the perfect the perfect opportunity to introduce your taste buds to new sensations.

Ayesha Curry — food blogger, cookbook author, wife, and mother — is joining forces with Meredith Kessler, a professional triathlete and Ironman champion, and Zupa Noma to discourage consumers from drinking sugary pressed fruit juices and instead “drink [their] veggies.” With their nonstop schedules, these ladies swear by the simultaneous convenience, nutrition, and taste of Zupa Noma’s offerings.

“In my kitchen, I love having the freshest and highest quality ingredients to cook with, and I am thrilled to partner with Zupa Noma, whose approach is the same,” said Curry. “Zupa Noma is made up of the best, organic, whole vegetables and other healthy ingredients that deliver incredible flavor and nutrition, while offering a super-convenient meal or snack that fits into my busy life.”

“When I'm training, healthy eating and convenience are top-of-mind,” said Kessler. “I love that Zupa Noma is a grab-and-go meal replacement or snack that offers all of the nutrients I need, as well as great flavor, when I'm going for a ride, swim, or run. Packed with vitamin C, it's the perfect recovery fuel.”

Zupa Noma is certified organic, low-glycemic, nutrient-dense, high in fiber and absolutely delicious. This on-the-go chilled soup is low in calories, low in sugar, and offers a great source of vitamins, with powerhouse ingredients such as pumpkin seeds, olive oil, turmeric, and ginger. A filling 12-ounce bottle retails for $5.99 per pop.

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