"Monica" Cake

Beat the egg whites together with the sugar, then add the yolks, water, oil and at the end add the flour mixed with the baking powder !! Put parchment paper in a cake tray / cake and then add the dough! Leave in the oven for about 20-25 minutes at a temperature of 180 degrees. After removing it from the oven, leave it to cool and cut it into 3 slices like a cake tray. Then proceed like a cake ... soften each layer, add whipped cream or sour cream and a few pieces of apricots!

It's very simple ... like a cake but smaller ... with other secrets!

Monica cake

Her name is Monica because I got it from her, simple, right?
Very easy to execute and without traps.

8 egg whites
8 lg apa
150 g sugar
100 g mac
150 g finely ground coconut
5 tablespoons flour
1 teaspoon ammonia (can be replaced with a mixture ½ teaspoon baking powder + ½ teaspoon baking soda)

8 yolks
100 g of sugar
4 tablespoons flour
250 ml of milk
250 g butter

I made only 6 eggs and the rest of the quantities reduced proportionally because I used a smaller tray, about 14x10 inches (35x25 cm).
If you use a larger tray, put the quantities above.
[attachmentid = 61324]
Top: beat the egg whites well, add the sugar and water, continue to beat, add the coconut, flour and poppy seeds and mix by inverting, from the bottom up, do not use the mixer in the final phase.

[attachmentid = 61325]
bake in greased and floured tray. I baked at 385F -196C (preheated oven) until the edges of the countertop come off the tray
[attachmentid = 61326]
Boil the cream until it thickens then cool well before adding the butter (foam).
[attachmentid = 61327]
Consistency is something like that
[attachmentid = 61328]
Add the butter and whisk
[attachmentid = 61329]
The section
[attachmentid = 61330]
and one more
[attachmentid = 61331]
Keep in the freezer before cutting into pieces. The cream must be strong otherwise it is flattened when cut.
The sheets have not softened at all but if you keep it warm I think it softens.
Cold has the texture of an ice cream wrapped in wafer (cream does not freeze, only hardens), not very sweet. The countertop looks like bounty candies because of the rooster.
Take the test and you will see. simple, fast and especially buuuuna.
At Monica's party it ended urgently & # 33 & # 33 & # 33

Ingredients for the cream or cremsnit recipe

(Shape with the size of 35 & # 21530 centimeters)

  • 1.5 l of milk
  • 8 eggs
  • 300 g sugar
  • 4 sachets of vanilla sugar
  • 110 g white flour
  • 100 g food starch

How do we prepare the cream, the cream?

1. Separate the yolks from the whites.

In a larger pot (I chose a smaller one and the cream didn't fit, I had to move it to a larger one) we put 1 liter of milk on a low heat.

Mix the yolks with the sugar and vanilla sugar in a bowl until smooth (4-5 minutes) then gradually add the flour, starch and the rest of the cold milk, ie 500ml.

Mix well and then pour the composition over the milk in the pot which must already be hot.

2. Now the eyes and the pot, we do not detach from it and mix with the aim until it thickens.

We have to mix until the cream is thicker than a pudding. Without fear of being cut.

When it has thickened (you will notice that from a certain moment no matter how much you mix it does not thicken) we stop the fire and leave it aside.

3. Beat the egg whites until they are hard without sugar and add them to the hot cream, stirring lightly with a spatula to try to keep the volume.

I didn't break with the wooden spatula and I mixed with the target :).

4. Put a sheet on the plate, frame it with a metal shape (it is not necessary, if you let the cream cool a little you will see that it is strong enough and stands alone). Pour the cream and let it cool and then put the tray in the cold for 2-3 hours (I left it out because it was a few degrees).

Then we put the whipped cream on top (I had 600ml because that's how we like it to feel & # 8221) and over the whipped cream the other sheet that I preferred to crush. Top with powdered sugar.

We cut with a sharp knife and enjoy :). It is very good!

And in the classic version without cream

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Cake-cake Monica, fasting

Mona_contra participated in our contest with this delicious fasting recipe.

2 cups warm water
2 sugar dogs
1/2 cup oil
3-4 tablespoons cocoa
4 tablespoons jam (each puts at will what kind of jam he wants, I put apricot jam)
1 baking powder (quenched with 3-4 drops of vinegar)
2 sachets of vanilla sugar
wheat flour as long as it contains, until the composition becomes like pandispan.
For garnish: 1 orange, garnish candies, 1 sachet Transparent Jelly Cake-Dr. Oetker prepared by adding apricot / peach juice 250 ml (as indicated on the sachet).

In a bowl (I put in the bowl of the mixer) put the ingredients one by one, in the order given above and mix gently until smooth.
The round cake pan is greased with oil.
Put the composition in the pan and put it in the oven heated to 220 degrees, for approx. 30 min (after the first 10 minutes at 220 degrees, turn on the fire at 150 degrees).
After it is taken out of the oven, it is left to cool, then it is decorated with a transparent jelly, orange slices on the side and the candies on top.
Let it cool for 1 hour and then serve.

Ingredients for the cake and meringue cake recipe:

  • countertop
  • -5 yolks
  • -200g flour
  • -175g old
  • -200ml milk
  • -1 teaspoon baking powder
  • -3 tablespoons cocoa
  • -125g soft butter
  • -1salt dust
  • -250g plum jam
  • Meringue
  • -5 egg whites
  • -200g old

How do we prepare the cake and meringue cake recipe?

Mix the yolks with the salt powder until they become foam then add the sugar gradually continuing to mix, the sugar should melt.

In the yolk mixture we incorporate the soft butter and the milk mixing until homogenous.

Separately in a bowl mix the flour, cocoa powder and baking powder that we will sift in the yolk composition.

Mix lightly with a spatula until all the powders are incorporated. Pour the obtained mixture into a tray (24 & times24cm) lined with baking paper and put in the preheated oven at 170-180 degrees Celsius for about 25 minutes, it is best to check with the toothpick.

10 minutes before removing the tray from the oven, mix the egg whites with the sugar until they become a hard meringue.

When we take out the cake over it so hot, we spread the jam evenly and over the layer of jam we put the egg white foam (I made some crumbs with the help of a pos). Level very well and put back in the oven for another 10 minutes, we will notice that the meringue will get a golden color.

When the cake is ready, take the tray out of the oven and let it cool completely.

We will portion it with the help of a knife with a thin blade that we pass through hot water and wipe it after each use.

It must be portioned carefully because the meringue is very fine. It is an excellent, elegant and tasty cake that deserves to be on the table every holiday.

The recipe and the pictures belong to him Oana Branescu, blog contributor Good appetite, recipes with Gina Bradea.

Fasting carrot cake

Fasting carrot cake it is fluffy and at the same time consistent, and the taste is irresistible. The coconut frosting has a very fine texture, which perfectly complements that of the cake. In total, this recipe takes an hour and 20 minutes to complete.


- 3 teaspoons of baking powder

- 1 teaspoon of baking soda

- 3 teaspoons of cinnamon

- 1 half teaspoon of nutmeg

- 500 g grated carrots

- a large can of coconut milk, kept in the refrigerator overnight

- a few tablespoons of maple syrup or powdered sugar.

How to prepare fasting carrot cake:

1. Preheat the oven to 175 degrees Celsius and grease a tray of 18x26 cm with a little fat.

2. Mix in a large bowl the flour, baking powder, baking soda, cinnamon, nutmeg and salt.

3. In a separate bowl, combine apple puree, almond milk, vanilla, granulated sugar and preheated coconut oil so that it is liquid.

4. Add the dry ingredients over the wet ones and mix very well, until you get a homogeneous composition. Then add the grated carrots and mix a little, but not too much.

5. Pour the composition into the tray and put it in the oven for 30-40 minutes, until it passes the toothpick test (when you put the toothpick in the cake, it comes out clean, without dough on it). Before adding the frosting, let the cake cool completely.

6. Take the canned coconut milk, unwrap it and remove only the solid part. It is important not to shake it beforehand, because the liquid part must be separated from the solid one. Mix the coconut milk well with a mixer, until it becomes creamier, then add the maple syrup or powdered sugar, so that it comes out as sweet as you want. At the end you will get a fluffy and delicious cream that you can spread over the carrot cake. Sprinkle some cinnamon over and you're ready!

What do you think about this fasting carrot cake? Are you tempted to try it at the first opportunity?

Smart cake

It looks great, I was really curious to see what goodies you made.

You always praise me, so I'm always happy when you enter my blog: D On this heat I preferred to spend more time on the beach. My luck is that there are also easy recipes, like smart cake, which is almost self-prepared :)

| Very nice: X you made me want to!

In the oven, I come back with comments after we try it, when I put the composition in the tray it was "enough" liquid, I hope it comes out, hold my fists

Dorina, I see you're very impulsive. Or very greedy: P Anyway, I'm holding your fists :)
Don't worry, the smart cake will harden in the oven. She's just smart, she knows what she has to do and we don't have to bother with her :))

American dream. and smart and beautiful :)

:)) Well, if they still don't get our visas. we live the American dream in the kitchen.

Don't worry, you haven't lost anything. American dream? It is just a stressed life, a life full of worries, problems, difficulties and running to be able to earn a living.

I still have a question about the package of butter. How many grams does it contain? In our country, the packages of butter are much smaller than the ones I know in Romania.

Lavinia, the package of butter is 200 g in Romania (and the one of margarine is 250 g - I also published recipes for margarine cakes, eventually you will discover those as well).

Fortunately for me, at the time when I believed in the American dream, I failed to get a visa for the states. now, past 30 years, I realize that dream is exactly as you described it and it seems to me that a life of a (somewhat: D) ​​mature man is nowhere better than at home (not even here life it's not really quiet, but everything is much more & quotsoft & quot). Of course, that doesn't mean I wouldn't want to spend a few winter months in Florida now. :)

Made cake, hardened, pleasant, devoured. thanks for the ideas

:) Already washed the tray? Regarding the tray, I was thinking now that maybe I should have specified the fact that for the smart cake it would be ideal if I used a smaller tray. Otherwise our cake will be very thin.

I noticed that in a larger tray it is quite thin, thanks anyway for the recipe, it is delicious !! If I knew the secret with the tray before I could make fun of myself, it was something else. :))

I used a smaller tray and it really turned out super well, today I received the order of pancakes with sweet cheese and cherries.

I also had the recipe before and I made it about 2 times ... it's very good, really!

Criminal! I'm not tired anymore, I would eat more but my stomach already hurts :))

I can do it with margarine linco. I don't have it
high margarine

I also answered you on fb. Canned margarine has a different consistency, so I wouldn't try to use it on cakes.

now I put it in the cupboard, I hope it comes out

I guess it worked out, otherwise you would come back to pull my ears :))

I have no reason to pull your ears, it came out excellent, I amazed those who ate delicious and a bit sinful because you can't stop eating :))

Yes, for this smart cake it would be a problem that it disappears immediately from the tray :)) It is so delicate that you never get tired.

Why it came out raw in the middle I kept the oven at the right place and preheated it I would try it again but at least I know where I went wrong

It means that you haven't kept the cake in the oven long enough, maybe your oven bakes harder. As I wrote in the recipe, the safest is the toothpick test, a test I always use. I hope for the second time to be lucky :)

When I cut it I saw that it was not raw. In the middle was actually cream. At the toothpick test it looked like that but to my joy it just seemed like it. It was ft ft ft good. I wish you a peaceful Christmas happily with several recipes

:) You know the saying, it's good when everything ends well. Even if the toothpick says something else: D Merry Christmas!

Mr. BARBAT DE LA CRATITA, please tell me in the electric oven how many degrees the cake should be placed (exactly what does "small fire" mean? 150 degrees?). And at what indication of baking should it be? etc? (it has 8 types of baking, I haven't had it for a long time and I don't really trust the indications in the leaflet, I bit it!) Please answer me if you can, when you have time! THANK YOU! HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Yes, I baked the smart cake at 150 degrees. I used the traditional way, I would have used the one with ventilation only if I also put a steak in the oven. The indications in the leaflet are more indicative, in practice the baking times differ a lot.
I set my oven to notify me at certain intervals and study the way the preparation is presented, possibly sting it with a toothpick and then decide how long to leave until the next check. To be honest, I also hope that these high-performance electric ovens will make my work easier, that is, to set the program, duration, temperature and then to leave home :) But baking is not an exact science, each oven bakes differently.
Happy Birthday!

I also tried the cake, it grew nicely in the oven, and when I took it out I let it rest a bit and it turned into a very thin top. I would like to know the cause.

The cause could be a sudden difference in temperature. I think it's best that after we turn off the oven we open the door and leave the cake smart until it cools down.

If you had the time and patience to read all the comments, I wrote above that it will come out very thin in a normal tray. In the recipe I wrote a small tray, but I did not specify how small it should be :) I think 20x15 cm would be only good. I'm waiting for suggestions / opinions / impressions, unfortunately I don't have such a small tray.

I put the cake in the oven, now I'm waiting to see what comes out: D

I expect a smart cake to come out. And beautiful :)) I hope it doesn't disappoint my expectations: D

Thanks for the recipe BărbatLaCratiţă, the cake came out beautiful and smart :)

With pleasure, Adriana! If we were talking about expectations, I expect you to test with the same success other recipes on the blog)

I made the cake yesterday and it turned out suuuuuuper delicious.

I made the cake on Saturday, I followed the recipe exactly, only I put 250g in sugar (it seemed to me that it won't be sweet enough), it grew and it came out SUPER SUPER. but. DISAPPOINTMENT. IT HAS A GUUUUUST. IN FACT IT HAS NO TASTE. Although I put a lot of sugar on top. My husband and daughter once tasted a teaspoon, and they told me, "IT'S HORRIBLE, HORRIBLE, IT HAS NO TASTE!" sliced ​​about a finger and the length and thickness, I laid it on the plate and powdered it with a lot of sugar, on the side with "cream" more precisely, I let the sugar melt a little and enter it and I gave them to taste again. My daughter (16.5 years old) didn't even want to taste it and my husband didn't like it either. After I did the thin slicing and I liked a lot of sugar, I liked it. I received reproaches from the female. DO ALL THE FOOLISHNESS ON THE NET. & # 39 & # 39. but I won't give up, I'll try it with more sugar and add cocoa, MAYBE THEY WILL LIKE IT! I think it's a super cake for the simple way of preparation and its appearance! How fast and simple you make it. and it also has cream. I HAVE TO FIND A WAY TO LIKE THEM. What do you say, Mr. MAN AT THE PAN, a teaspoon of cocoa, more sugar and possibly 2-3 tablespoons of ground walnuts. I will try on a smaller amount, reduced by half.

You can easily solve the part with taste by adding more essence. In the list with the ingredients of the recipe I put 2 teaspoons, but the quality of the essence differs a lot from one manufacturer to another.
My opinion is that you should not put cocoa or ground walnuts in the smart cake.
But maybe it would be easier to simply accept the fact that your family doesn't like smart cake :) I recommend you cake with apples and biscuits, it is just as easy to prepare.

I also made this cake, I also added lemon peel. and vis.

I never thought of using lemon peel in smart cake. And it doesn't seem to appeal to me. But the important thing is that you like it, not me :)

I didn't just like it, my guests also said it was super good. do you know how we do it ?? I invite you to us when I make this cake again. I just hope you don't refuse me ..

:)) You invite me first and then I will seriously consider whether to refuse or not. But the fact that all your guests liked it makes me think seriously if I shouldn't try: D

Today I make smart cake. so I invite you to us, I don't like to be refused.
So we are waiting for you with pleasure and with a large portion of cake.

Well, you had to leave me an address, something. :))

Well, you are a clever man, if we leave the address here maybe I would be surprised if not only you but many more men rang my doorbell. tell me a safe place where I can leave you my address without any surprises in the future ..)
PS: I still have the cake :)

:) hmmm. so I have to hurry a little. But I entered a vicious circle, because if I say that place for sure here, it's because I wake up but I, in turn, with several addresses: D

This cake is good, good! I'm doing it today! Thanks! Barbatlacratita! Are you lucky? and if not, it's OK anyway! laurel

With pleasure, Laura! I'm not lucky, I'm very careful and tidy when I cook and I don't get dirty: P How did your cake come out?

I think the most appropriate and safe would be for you to try this cake in which to add lemon peel. I'm very curious if you will like it.

Now it's a little hard for me to make the cake myself, after you put it in my head that I will taste yours. :)

Dear Robert, I am sure that you will try this option as well, today I will make a burnt sugar cake, I will add extra ness, I was inspired by your recipe :).
I understand that you don't like to make cakes because you don't really have them with the decoration ... they ... you have to try this cake, you don't have to decorate it. so when the cream is almost ready, pour a pandispan top of 4 eggs on top and put it back in the oven until the pandispan is baked. leave to cool and turn over on a plate. it is good to melt more sugar so that the pandispan is well syruped. is served with whipped cream.
I enjoy cooking. )
PS: I sent you the Snickers cake recipe. how do you like it ??

It seems like an easy recipe, so it's clear my kind of recipe :) Unfortunately, I still haven't received the cake recipe by e-mail.

Dear Robert, congratulations on this page. you have simple recipes, well explained and with a photo as I like, about this recipe, I made it after a recipe that my sister gave me on the phone, it's very good and easy to make I say , thank you, now it will be even easier because I have a photo. yesterday I made pallets according to your recipe and they turned out fantastic, now that I come home I don't have to look for them in stores. thank you very much and good luck in the future.

Thanks, I try to post the recipes exactly as I would have liked to read them when I tried them. I want the smart cake to rise to the level of the pallets, now the bar is quite high :)

Does the dough have to be soft?

Yes, before being put in the oven, the dough for the smart cake is soft. In fact, being a few tablespoons of flour among so many liquids, I don't even think we can consider it dough.

great cake I thought it was not good after how many comments but it is good and very fast to make

I put it in the oven to see what it was

a smart cake, I hope :))

It's a very good cake ... I have a slightly different recipe (ie the way the ingredients are processed) but it comes out just like in the picture and I think it's just as tasty!

If you ever have time, maybe write us your version. She looks the same, but who knows, maybe your smart cake is tastier :)

I use: 10 eggs, 1L milk, a packet of margarine, 300g sugar, 300g flour and 2-3 sachets of vanilla sugar.
Melt the margarine and leave it to cool a bit. Meanwhile, separate the eggs, rub the yolks with half the sugar (150g), vanilla sugar and add a little rum essence, then gradually add the flour, melted margarine and milk. Whisk the egg whites with the rest of the sugar, and then add the composition above, just like that, stirring from the bottom up, to keep it fluffy, put it in the pan and put it in the oven. : D

Thanks for the recipe, Anamaria! So your smart cake is 50% sweeter than mine, I see you put 300 g of sugar. Don't you find it too sweet? If not, then it means that 250 g of sugar should be the ideal amount - the average of our quantities :)

I made the cake according to the original recipe to which I added just a little lemon peel and it came out supeeer buuunnaaa.

how can I make a caramel sauce? it's not for the cake but here I got to post.

No problem, a little caramel sauce would probably go over the smart cake :)
I don't know exactly how much sauce you want to get, so I give you my recipe taking the spoon as a unit of measurement.
Boil 4 tablespoons of sugar, a tablespoon of water and a few drops of lemon juice that prevents caramelization of sugar. Keep them on medium heat and do not mix, just shake the pan. After coloring (takes two minutes), take the pan off the heat and put three tablespoons of liquid cream (it will boil like a volcano, but it's normal). Mix well (we can use a spoon) and after it is incorporated we add half a spoon with butter and continue to mix until it melts. At the end we add half a teaspoon of vanilla essence.
Maybe in the future I will post the recipe with more detailed images and explanations.

yes it's good bad)) I was afraid that it won't come out properly, but it has layers, it tastes, it has everything)) I also put some chocolate:

:)) Because the smart cake had everything but color, didn't it?

thanks for the caramel sauce.

With pleasure, I'm glad I was able to help you.

Little man, I have a full recipe book, I think I'm starting another one, I made the smart cake yesterday and it turned out well, I had it from & quotRetete culinare .ro & quot, the same quantities with a small difference (9 eggs, 250gr.sugar, 9 tablespoons of flour), I didn't get to do this, I think it comes out a little sweeter ... Thanks for the recipes.

The more recipes, the better, right? :) Or you could take them out to the printer and give up the notebook, it's much simpler: D

good evening. I have tried this recipe before and I am fff delighted with it !! only I never used butter, because that was the recipe. Tonight I tried the recipe found here and I added of course butter. I left it to cool. then when I wanted to take it off the baking paper, the bottom of the cake remained on it! I didn't understand where I went wrong. Anyway it was delicious but I would like to know where I went wrong. Thank you.

I don't think you did anything wrong, since you followed the recipe. On the contrary, I think that the butter in the smart cake should have helped her not to stick. Maybe the baking paper was to blame, I recommend lining the tray with fat and flour.

You really are extraordinary. you and your recipes. I'm not tired of reading them and trying them. congratulations.

Thanks! I know that they are not really extraordinary as you say and that in fact the recipes are the ones that determined you to write the comment, but this task of collecting praises falls on me :) I hope that the recipes remain insatiable and you will return with pleasure on blog.

Hi. Look, I really think you're amazing. I haven't been on this blog for a long time, but I'm captivated by what I found here. I can't wait to come home from work and leaf through the recipes posted here. I like how you explain them. I like your answers and comments. so.

:)) That's it, I'm not contradicting you anymore! Because if I do that, I see that I receive even more praise: D Please choose an ID / pseudonym, at least to recognize you next time you write a comment.

OK .I'll do that. that is, you will know which comment belongs to me. but believe me I don't really allow myself to comment on your recipes because so far they seem perfect to me. but wait. I haven't gone through them all yet and I'm going to try them again. the smart cake is scheduled for Sunday. I'll tell you how I did it.

You have to find a little flaw in a recipe, maybe this will happen on Sunday :) Aaaa, and you see that you forgot to sign: P

I was skeptical at first that my cake would come out as in your photos, it looked incredible. But I was incredibly successful.
The whole family was delighted so today I repeat the cake! How simple it is and what a wonderful cake comes out!
Greetings from Peru, Laura Ramos

Welcome back to the blog, Laura! I hope that all the cakes on the blog will come out all the same as in my photos. Or even better, because I know it can be)

Hi! I thought of making this cake today, to be only good on Christmas day and I need some advice about the ingredients: the tablespoons of flour should be grated, or with the tip, how fat the milk should be, to be Union margarine or butter (how fat)?

Regarding the tray, 20 * 30cm is ok? Could I use baking paper instead of lining it with butter and flour? My oven tends to burn at the bottom and I'm a little scared.

I'm waiting for an answer soon, because I want to get to work!

Hi, Nicoleta! Spoons of flour should be normal (ie neither top nor grated), otherwise I would have specified this.
Milk and butter (or margarine) I think can be as fat or lean, depending on your preferences, I do not think this influences the cake too much.
You'd better give up the idea with baking paper, however, flour might play a small role in forming that smart cake top. The 20x30cm tray is ok, but the cake will come out very thin. I would use a smaller idea tray.
I hope my answer came in time.

I haven't been here for a long time to steal recipes, but look, I'm bored of everything I know how to do and I want something new. So I tried this cake and it turned out very good. I didn't even expect it. I halved the quantities, I only kept the sugar as in the recipe because I saw that people complain that it is not sweet. I'm glad you wrote how long it lasts in the oven and at what temperature. I hope to find this on all your networks because I have a new electric oven and I don't know how to use it.

:) So you also read the comments, only there I specified the temperature at which I baked the smart cake. It's a recipe published earlier, at a time when people didn't really have electric ovens and it seemed a bit useless for me to pass the degrees. But with most recipes I filled in and passed the temperature exactly. However, as I wrote somewhere above, you don't have to rely 100% on the oven - it's best to check every time you bake something from time to time, and at the same time to shorten or prolong cooking times.

Robert, my compliments for this smart and economical recipe. If you continue like this, my wife will fall in love with me once again by the fact that I always cook her recipes for yours!

Relu, I wish you even more than that: to fall in love again after each recipe prepared! :)

Christ sent!
I made the cake, I put 250g of sugar, it's not very sweet, but it's my trouble - why isn't the top as thick as the top? mine is barely visible. my tray was a bit big, bigger than 20 / 30cm. can be the reason? I was afraid to use another smaller tray because quite a lot of composition comes out.

Really sent! It is also possible because of the flour used, not necessarily because of the tray. The smart cake should probably be smart enough to fit the size of your tray (because, while it's in the oven, basically the flour should be left / deposited at the bottom of the smart cake composition, forming that countertop). ). Try using a different type of flour.

Almost half of the cake is gone, that's how much my husband ate once, what else can I complain about that it doesn't have a countertop underneath? I will repeat it with another tray.

Cornelia, maybe it's good to never be lenient, that's the only way we can make quality cakes :) But, in the end, it's important that the cakes are tasty and eaten with pleasure, it doesn't matter much if sometimes they don't work out perfectly - it still happens, even with the recipes we make frequently. Tell me how your next smart cake turned out (although I guess you won't have any problems).

Oh, oh, oh. real delight and with the recipe, and with all the comments on it!
While the new potatoes are in the oven, I ran to see what's new on FB and this cake greeted me! I will definitely do it! Too much praise everyone.
Okay, that's not surprising, is it?
I'm kind of afraid of the number of eggs. I also said. 10 in a recipe actually scares me :))))
You said at one point that it's easier for you to communicate on the blog, right? Compared to Facebook.
It occurred to me to ask you if you were thinking of organizing something like a workshop. or cooking / tasting / communicating sessions with your readers. It would be interesting!

It's not surprising at all, only the smart cake is a BarbatLaCratita brand recipe, so you can't go wrong with something like this: P Yes, you know what they say. do not go to the praised tree with the bag: D Joke aside, I recommend you try the smart cake, the only thing you need to keep in mind is that it may not be sweet enough for your tastes or of those who will enjoy it. So taste the composition and, if you think you need it, add sugar. If 10 eggs in a recipe scares you, it means that you will be terrified of the cake recipe I've been thinking about for some time: it has 13 eggs :))
Not necessarily that it is easier for me to communicate on the blog than on Facebook, but that on Facebook it is difficult for me to see the messages received in older posts. I saw that I receive notifications for the last post and, from time to time, for the penultimate one, so I have to look at each one to see if anyone wrote me something. Si cum am cateva sute bune de postari, mi-e aproape imposibil sa le verific pe toate. In schimb, pe blog am activat "moderarea comentariilor" inainte e a fi publicate. Astfel vad absolut orice mesaj primit si ii raspund imediat dupa ce-l aprob.
Nu m-am gandit niciodata serios sa organizez workshop-uri. Tin la intimitatea mea si n-as vrea sa fiu recunoscut pe strada - iar intalnirile cu cititorii s-ar solda cu o gramada de poze si astfel as deveni BarbatLaCratita full time, ca sa zic asa :) Acum, devin BarbatLaCratita doar atunci cand am eu chef, apoi redevin Robert cu un simplu deconectare/ log out la blog si la Facebook :D

Ingrediente Macarons:

  • 2 albusuri de ou fara cea mai mica urma de galbenus, fara a conta daca sunt invechite sau tocmai separate, care impreuna sa nu depaseasca 60 de grame
  • 75 grame faina de migdale sau migdale crude fara coaja
  • 115 grame zahar pudra din comert (care are continut de amidon, zaharul pudra pe care il macinati voi acasa nu e bun pentru reteta asta)
  • 50 grame de zahar alb obisnuit (zahar tos)
  • 1 praf sare
  • crema dupa preferinta, foarte bine se potriveste ganache-ul de ciocolata alba sau neagra, dulce de leche, crema mascarpone cu diferite arome, dar si lemon curd-ul, de exemplu

Preparare Macarons:

Pentru ca am vorbit deja despre un esec, inainte de a trece la prepararea propriu zisa, hai sa va arat ce mi-a iesit, nu de alta, dar am auzit de patanii mult mai gogonate decat a mea, cu macarons crapati rau, cruzi, arsi, ba chiar si cu un unic mare macaron in toata tava, in fine, la mine nu a fost cu traume atat de cumplite, dar in loc de macarons mi-au rezultat niste umile bezele fara urma de piciorus dantelat si chiar cu niste fine, foarte fine crapaturi pe carapacea inadmisibil de bombata. Imaginile imortalizate cu ocazia acestei experiente nu pe deplin agreabile le puteti vedea in montajul de mai jos.

Asadar: profesoara mea in ale macaronajului a zis ca folosirea obligatorie a albusurilor invechite e doar un mit fara acoperire si pare-se ca a avut dreptate, ca de n-avea, nici mie macarons-ii nu mi-au fi reusit. Ce e insa obligatoriu, va spun din experienta mea nu prea vasta de trei ture de macarons reusite (da, in afara de cea pozata, am mai facut una chiar azi), este ca albusurile sa nu depaseasca 30 de grame/bucata, asa incat, decat sa riscati, mai bine cantariti din start 60 de grame de albus. Apoi, daca albusul e mai vechi, pastrat la frigider peste noapte, ar putea sa se reduca putin timpul de asteptare, macarons-ii uscandu-se mai rapid la suprafata (atunci cand am folosit albusuri din frigider, separate cu o zi inainte, am avut macarons uscati in 30-45 de minute).

1. Inainte de toate, pregatiti faina de migdale, amestecand-o bine cu zaharul pudra. E bine sa o mai dati o data prin procesor, ca sa fie cat mai fina. Daca aveti migdale intregi, decojite, se macina cat de fin e posibil cu un procesor alimentar, apoi se adauga zaharul pudra si se macina in continuare pana la obtinerea unei pudre fine.

2. Albusurile se pun intr-un vas foarte curat, uscat si degresat, impreuna cu sarea. Un stand-mixer v-ar fi foarte de folos, in sensul ca ati fixa viteza de mixare la 4 si v-ati vedea de treburi, dar daca nu aveti, albusurile se bat cu mixerul pe viteza mica pana cand se formeaza o spuma moale (poza 1).

3. Rand pe rand, se adauga cate o lingura din zaharul tos, batand la aceeasi viteza mica pana cand se dizolva complet tot zaharul iar bezeaua formata este tare si lucioasa, nemaicazand de pe paleta mixerului (poza 2). Daca doriti sa adaugati coloranti alimentari, puneti-i la sfarsit si mai bateti scurt pana se incorporeaza.

4. Faina de migdale amestecata cu zaharul pudra se cerne direct in castronul cu bezeaua (poza 3).

5. Tehnica macaronajului consta in amestecarea pudrei de migdale si zahar cu bezeaua, pana la obtinerea unei consistente perfecte, care trebuie sa fie destul de densa, dar totusi curgatoare (poza 4). Pentru acesta, se amesteca cu o spatula lata, ridicand bezeaua de pe fundul vasului catre suprafata de 4-5 ori, apoi curatind ferm marginile vasului. Unii obisnuiesc sa numere de cate ori amesteca si zic ca indicat ar fi de vreo 50 de ori, eu nu am numarat, m-am multumit sa constat ca am obtinut o compozitie omogena care curge de pe spatula intr-o panglica groasa, nepastrandu-si relieful mai mult de cateva secunde acolo unde se scurge inapoi in vas.

Acum m-am confruntat cu cea mai migaloasa parte a intregii manopere, dupa parerea mea, si anume umplerea unui pos cu acest aluat despre care as zice ca e cea mai lipicioasa si greu de strunit coca pe care am manipulat-o vreodata. Asadar, aluatul se pune intr-un pos cu un dui rotund (ca sa nu se scurga compozitia prin dui pana umpleti posul, infoliati-l cu film alimentar pana mi-a venit ideea asta am suduit destul :P).

Intre timp, singurul meu ajutor, pe care ma pot baza intotdeauna (sotul), a desenat cu rabdare forme rotunde cam de 3-3,5 cm. pe hartia de copt, cate 25 pe o coala.

Colile astfel pregatite se aseaza in tavi cu desenul catre baza fiind transparente, se va vedea forma rotunda pe care trebuie sa o umpleti cu aluatul de macarons.

Nu trebuie sa se toarne aluatul intr-un strat gros, doar sa se acopere uniform si cat mai rotund posibil forma desenata (daca aveti o mana foarte sigura, desigur ca va puteti lipsi de desen, dar nu e cazul meu :P).

Se lasa tavile cu macarons la temperatura bucatariei minimum 30 de minute, dar poate dura chiar si 2 ore, pana cand suprafata acestora este complet uscata si atunci cand este atinsa cu degetul nu mai e deloc lipicioasa. Diferenta mare de timp este data de continutul de apa al albusurilor folosite, cu cat sunt mai uscate albusurile, cu atat mai repede se vor zvanta macarons-ii.

Cand la suprafata macarons-ilor s-a format acea pojghita ferma, nelipicioasa, e momentul sa pornim in marea aventura a coacerii acestor mici obraznicaturi. Reusita depinde 100% de cat de bine isi cunoaste cuptorul fiecare si inclin sa cred ca nu sunt doua cuptoare la fel. Astfel, Andi imi spunea: „Eu ii coc in cuptorul preincalzit la 140 C, ventilat, timp de 7 minute, apoi la 130-120 inca 5 minute. Nu mai mult de 15 minute in niciun caz.” Ei bine, eu i-am copt tot 15 minute, dar la 140 de grade mi-au crapat destul de multi, in schimb la 120 de grade Celsius ventilat, au iesit asa incat ma pot si lauda cu ei. Bineinteles, mi-am tras un scaun in fata cuptorului si am privit cu infrigurare tot procesul. Dupa vreo 7 minute am vazut cu uimire cum incepe sa se formeze mult ravnitul piciorus dantelat la baza macarons-ilor, ei da! In sfarsit am rasuflat usurata. :)

Asadar, daca va incumetati sa ii incercati, va tin pumnii sa va reuseasca din prima, daca insa nu va fi chiar asa, observati cu atentie tot ce e de observat: daca vor crapa, probabil ca temperatura a fost prea mare, data viitoare incercati sa mai reduceti. In niciun caz nu incercati sa ii dati la cuptor cat sunt inca umezi, nu veti obtine nimica bun. Daca au apucat sa crape, adio piciorus!

Macarons-ii copti se scot din cuptor si se lasa sa se raceasca pe hartia de copt. Nu incercati sa ii scoateti de pe hartie timp de 25-30 de minute. Dupa aceasta, se dezlipesc cu grija si se pot pastra o vreme inchisi intr-o cutie ermetica inainte de a-i umple.

Dupa cum spuneam, cremele potrivite sunt foarte diverse. Prima tura i-am umplut cu ganache de ciocolata, pe acestia i-am vrut cat se poate de feminini, umpluti cu crema roz si am ales sa fac un curd pe baza de suc natural de zmeura si afine, pentru care am folosit: 150 de ml. suc, 2 linguri cu zahar, 2 oua intregi, 1 lingura cu varf de amidon alimentar din porumb (gustin) si 75 grame de unt cu 80% grasime, toate fierte impreuna pe aburi pana se ingroasa crema, apoi lasata sa se raceasca bine.

Macarons-ii vor deveni cu adevarat perfecti a doua zi, asa ca e bine sa ii pastrati intr-un loc racoros, umpluti cu crema, inainte de a-i servi. Fiind atat de delicati si eleganti, vor constitui un cadou dulce deosebit de apreciat, daca hotarati sa ii daruiti cuiva.

Method of preparation

In varianta originala la ingrediente se pun 3 oua si se foloseste o cana de 250 ml, eu am vrut sa folosesc cea mai mare tava din dotare si am marit cantitatile.

Preparare aluat pentru foi

Ar trebui sa iasa 9 foi coapte pe dosul unei tavi de 36/40 cm, dar eu fac 7-8, din lipsa de rabdare.

Mixam ouale cu zaharul pana devin spumoase, adaugam uleiul, sarea, laptele, coaja si zeama de potocala si incepem sa incorporam treptat faina amestecata cu bicarbonatul si praful de copt.
Mie mi-au intrat aproape 1,5 kg de faina obisnuita, de tara, nu din cea cumparata.
Va iesi un aluat mai tare, dar usor de intins.
Lasam aluatul sa se odihneasca 30 de minute timp in care facem crema.

Preparare crema pentru prajitura Carpati

Se caramelizeaza zaharul (de preferinta intr-un tuci), iar cand s-a topit se adauga faina cernuta impreuna cu cacaua, amestecand continuu. Se adauga, trepatat, laptele fierbinte, amestecând continuu. Nu uitam sa adaugam si sare, pentru accentuarea gustului. Dupa ce se termina laptele, se adauga untul taiat in bucatele pentru a se topi repede. Se amesteca bine si se da crema la rece acoperind-o cu o folie pentru a nu se forma crusta.

Punem zaharul la caramelizat, intr-un vas cu preti inalti, pentru a nu pati accidente in timpul prepararii.
Amestecam continuu in zahar pentru a nu se arde rau si a nu deveni amar, iar cand se dilueaza complet adaugam faina si amestecam energic cu o spatula de lemn.
Laptele il fierbem impreuna cu sarea si incepem sa-l adaugam, treptat si fierbinte, in crema de pe foc, amestecand continuu.
Se va forma o crema nu prea groasa, dar nu trebuie sa ne sperie ca se va ingrosa la racire.
Cand incepe crema sa fiarba, adica sa faca basicute, adaugam untul taiat bucatele si tinut la temperatura camerei si ciocolata, de asemeni taiata bucatele.
Amestecam in crema pana la topirea ciocolatei si a untului, apoi ridicam de pe foc si adaugam nuca macinata.
Dam crema la rece, acoperind vasul cu o folie pentru a nu se forma crusta, pana cand coacem foile.

Coacem foile

Impartim aluatul in 8 parti, intindem fiecare parte pe masa infainata, cu ajutorul sucitorului cat dimensiunea tavii.
Ungem dosul tavii cu uleisi presaram faina si transferam foaia intinsa pe ea.
Coacem foaia in cuptorul preincalzit pentru 3-4 minute la 180 de grade.
Procedam asa cu fiecare foaie in parte.
Ar fi ideal sa avem doua tavi de aceeasi dimensiune, altfel asteptam 2 minute pana se raceste tava, pentru urmatoarea foaie.

Se dizolva zaharul in lapte, apoi se adauga ouale, sarea, uleiul, amoniacul si se amesteca. Se pune faina si se framanta un aluat potrivit de tare, atat cat sa se poata intinde 3-4 foi (depinde cat este tava de mare). Foile se coc pe dosul tavii, presarate cu faina.

Se amesteca faina cu 10 linguri de lapte rece si se adauga zaharul. Restul de lapte se pune la fiert impreuna cu coaja de lamaie. Cand laptele da in fiert se adauga toata compozitia de lapte rece cu faina, amestecand continuu pana ce incepe din nou sa fiarba. Se lasa sa fiarba pana cand compozitia se dezlipeste usor de vas, dupa care se lasa la racit, amestecand din cand in cand.

Atunci cand se racoreste, punem untul (la temperatura camerei) putin cate putin, amestecand energic . La urma se adauga si zeama de lamaie, esenta de vanilie sau de rom, dupa preferinta.

Prajitura se asambleaza astfel: se pune o foaie in tava si se repartizeaza crema uniform, pana se termina toate foile si crema. Se lasa apoi la rece, in frigider pana a doua zi cand o putem taia in romburi si pudra cu zahar pudra.

Video: Monica Toy. Full Season 5 (December 2021).