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Bloody Eye Cocktail

Ingredients for making a Bloody Eye cocktail

  1. Gin 60 milliliters
  2. Vermouth dry 15 milliliters
  3. Canned green olive stuffed with pepper 1 piece
  4. Radish (olive should fit in the middle of the radish) 1 piece
  5. Water to make ice to taste
  • Main IngredientsRedis, Gin


Knife, Ice Mold, Martini Glass

Making a Bloody Eye Cocktail:

Step 1: Doing the Bloody Eye.

This step must be done beforehand, as it may take some time. For the eye, we need a small radish, it must be washed and cut out with a knife so that an olive can be inserted into the resulting recess. Then remove the skin from the radish so that there are thin red stripes. They will mimic blood vessels. Gently insert the canned green olive stuffed with pepper into the radish from which we cut the core. It turns out "Bloody Eye". We put the "bloody eyes" in the form for ice, fill it with water and put in the freezer. Leave the form in the freezer until ice forms. The freezing time is approximately 1 hour.

Step 2: Prepare a cocktail.

In a martini glass, mix gin and dry vermouth. Then we drop an ice cube with a "bloody eye" into a glass. The cocktail is ready!

Step 3: serve.

It is customary to serve a cocktail chilled, so alcoholic beverages should be kept cold for it. Enjoy your meal!

Recipe Tips:

- - "Bloody eyes" is best done on the eve of the holiday (better per day).

- - Gin in a cocktail can be replaced with vodka, and vermouth dry martini, but remember that then the cocktail will change the fortress.