Kare kufta

Ingredients for cooking karee kufta

  1. beef 400 g
  2. milk 400 g
  3. veal 300 g
  4. bow 1 pc
  5. cognac 2 tbsp. l
  6. ground wheat 2 tbsp
  7. walnuts 3 tbsp
  8. egg 1 pc
  9. tarragon 1 sprig
  10. dill 1 sprig
  11. flour (for dipping meat balls) to taste
  • Main Ingredients Beef, Veal
  • Serving 6 servings
  • World Cuisine


cutting board, kitchen hammer, baking sheet, plate, coffee grinder

Cooking kare-kyufta:

Step 1. Beat the meat.

To begin with, we need to beat the meat with a special small-sized kitchen hammer. Cut the beef and veal into layers, and beat each layer on both sides until the meat turns into air forcemeat. It is desirable to process veal and beef separately. Then roll the beef and veal separately into a ball, and set aside for now.

Step 2. Adding spices.

Next, proceed to kneading the meat. First we take the veal. The better we stir the meat, the tastier and more tender the dish will turn out. Knead and gradually add the finely chopped onion, black pepper, cognac (2 tbsp. Tablespoons), tarragon and salt to the veal. Then add half the milk (200 ml). The prepared stuffing should turn out quite tender. Similarly, you need to do with beef. Add the remaining half of the milk, onion, salt, dill and black pepper to it. Grind the wheat in a coffee grinder until it becomes powder (it takes 3-5 minutes) and also add it to the minced meat. Then add crushed walnuts (they can also be ground in a coffee grinder) and add the egg at the very end. Naturally, the minced meat needs to be mixed well.

Step 3. Make the balls.

now we proceed to the most important in cooking kare-kyuft. We make veal balls of small size, and from beef we form flat thin circles. For each beef cake, put the veal ball in the center and carefully wrap it, as shown in the photo. As a result, we should get a ball, inside of which there is veal, and on top is beef.

Step 4. Bake the balls.

Squeeze a small amount of flour into a flat plate. Next, roll the resulting balls and spread on a baking sheet, or in a special non-stick mold. We put in an already heated oven and cook for about 30-40 minutes at a temperature of 200 degrees. During baking, you can periodically water the dish with the allocated juice, then our balls will be very juicy.

Step 5. Serve the kare-kyuft.

Well, in conclusion, I want to say that the dish can be decorated in different ways. For example, I really like olives with lemon. Serve kare-kufta can be on a slice of boiled potatoes, decorated with greens and lemon. Enjoy your meal!

Recipe Tips:

- - when you mix the minced meat, it is advisable to add salt at the very end to determine whether it and the other spices are enough.

- - Any side dish: mashed potatoes, vegetables or cereals will perfectly combine with a square-kyuft.