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Lean pancakes on mineral water

Ingredients for cooking lean pancakes on mineral water

  1. Highly carbonated mineral water 2.5 cups
  2. Wheat flour 2 cups
  3. ½ teaspoon salt
  4. Sugar 2 tablespoons
  5. Vegetable oil 5 tablespoons
  • Main ingredients
  • Serving 22 servings
  • World Cuisine


Fine mesh strainer, Deep bowl - 2 pieces, Tablespoon, Teaspoon, Glass (capacity 250 milliliters), Mixer, Sterile bandage - 10 centimeters, Stove, Stewpan, Frying pan, Soup ladle, Cutting board, Kitchen spatula, Plate

Preparation of lean pancakes on mineral water:

Step 1: prepare the ingredients.

First of all, we sift through a sieve with a fine mesh the right amount of wheat flour directly into a deep bowl. This process is necessary so that the flour becomes more friable, airy and dry. We also put salt, sugar, vegetable oil and, of course, highly carbonated mineral water on the kitchen table.

Step 2: prepare the dough - stage one.

Pour the right amount of mineral water into a clean deep bowl, add salt, sugar to the bowl and mix the ingredients slightly with a tablespoon. After we begin to gradually introduce the sifted wheat flour into the liquid, while kneading the batter with the help of a mixer that is turned on at medium speed. Set the bowl aside and let the semi-finished product brew. 30 minutes.

Step 3: prepare the dough - stage two.

About in 25 - 27 minutes turn on the stove to a medium level and put on it a stewpan with the right amount of vegetable oil. When the fat is hot, and this will happen approximately after 2 - 3 minutes, pour it into a bowl with the dough and re-mix the liquid mass with a mixer, turning on the kitchen appliance at medium speed and increasing it to a maximum during 1 - 2 mint. The dough is ready!

Step 4: fry the pancakes.

Now we start frying pancakes. Using a piece of a regular sterile bandage, remove excess fat from the pan, put it again on the stove, which is turned on to a medium level, and heat the container to the side chapel. It is not necessary to lubricate the pan, as vegetable oil is added to the dough. Now we collect a whole ladle of dough, tilt the pan at an angle and pour liquid flour mass on its surface. Then, in a circular motion of the hand, we unfold the container so that the semi-finished flour spreads over the entire bottom of the pan in an even layer, and put it back on the stove. Fry the pancake for 2 - 3 seconds or until the edge of the pancake turns brown. During frying, you can watch the dough bubble up, this is because it was prepared on mineral water, which is very oxygenated. After one of the sides is fried, using a kitchen spatula we turn the pancake on the other side and fry it also for 2 - 3 seconds. Then we shift to a cutting board, pour the second portion of batter into the pan in the same way and fry the next pancake. It will take about 10 - 12 minutes to fry all pancakes from a given amount of semi-finished product and the output will be approximately 20 - 22 pieces pancakes, depending on the size of the pan. If you put a pancake on your hand, you can see how thin and delicate it is. And if you bring it to the window, against the light, it will be noticeable, a huge number of small holes. After all the fragrant flour products are ready, we act as desired, you can roll them into triangles, rolls or leave them so that they are laid on a plate and served on the table as a main dish or dessert.

Step 5: serve lean pancakes on a mineral water.

Lean pancakes on a mineral water are served hot or warm. This dish can be considered universal. Depending on the supplement, pancakes can be a main course or dessert. If you fill them with jam, jam, nuts, honey or any kind of syrup, then they will look perfect on a sweet table. Well, such fillings as stewed vegetables, herbs, lean cheese will make pancakes a great hearty dinner, breakfast or lunch. Cook with love and Great Lent will be your joy! Enjoy your meal!

Recipe Tips:

- - If you decide to cook lean pancakes with a sweet filling, then you can add a bag of vanilla sugar or a teaspoon of liquid vanilla extract to the batter.

- - If the pancakes break slightly during frying, you should add more flour to the dough, but do not overdo it, otherwise they will turn out to be very thick.

- - It is better to fry pancakes in a cast-iron frying pan or in a pan with a non-stick bottom and low sides.

- - It is better to start this type of pancake with the filling immediately after cooking, when the flour products have cooled, their texture will become more dense, and they will not be able to take the shape you need.