Sea cocktail salad

Ingredients for the preparation of sea cocktail salad

  1. A mixture of seafood (shrimp, squid rings, mussels, crab sticks) frozen 400-450 grams
  2. 1 medium onion
  3. Cherry Tomatoes 200 grams
  4. Green onions 1-2 feathers
  5. Celery greens (leaves) to taste
  6. 1 medium lime
  7. Fish sauce 2 tablespoons
  8. Chili or jalapenos to taste
  9. Sugar 1 teaspoon
  10. Purified water 720-750 milliliters
  11. Salt to taste
  • Main Ingredients: Shrimp, Squid, Mussels and Scallops, Octopus, Crab Sticks
  • Serving 2 servings
  • World CuisineAsian, Oriental


Cutting board, Knife, Tablespoon, Deep bowl, Salad bowl or flat serving dish, Stove, Medium pan, Sieve, Juicer, Medium bowl, Kitchen paper towel, Plate

Preparation of sea cocktail salad:

Step 1: Prepare Lime Juice

So, as you already guessed, we do not need lime itself, but only its freshly squeezed juice. Therefore, we wash the ingredient under running water and put it on a cutting board. We cut the citrus with a knife into two halves and squeeze the juice from one half of the lime using a juicer. To make a salad, we need 2 tablespoons of citrus liquid. Therefore, we look at the amount of juice. If it is not enough, then squeeze out the second half of citrus. If there is enough juice, then the remaining piece of lime can be chopped into small slices with a knife and decorate the dish before serving.

Step 2: prepare the onions.

With a knife, peel the onion from the husk and rinse the ingredient under running water. We spread the vegetable on a cutting board and cut into two halves. After that, cut each half into thin pieces along each onion half. The shredded component is transferred to a deep bowl.

Step 3: prepare hot peppers.

For the sharpness of the taste of our dish, you need to prepare chili peppers or jalapenos. Like the first ingredient, the second vegetable is a type of hot chili pepper. Therefore, we decide on the choice of a component to your taste. The only thing if you do not like spicy dishes, then you should be careful with this vegetable, as these types of peppers are very spicy and can adversely affect your stomach. So, we wash the ingredient under running water and put it on a cutting board. Using a knife, remove the tail and then, cutting the pepper lengthwise into two halves, remove the seeds and grind the ingredient into small strips. There is also a second option for processing this pepper for those who like spicy. We simply remove the tail from the component with a sharp inventory, and after that we cut the vegetable across into small rings, leaving the seeds. Shredded ingredient is transferred to a separate plate.

Step 4: prepare the seafood mix.

Pour purified water into the pan and put the container on medium heat. When the water boils, add a little salt to the pan and, having mixed everything well with a tablespoon, carefully place frozen seafood in the pan with your hands. Again, mix everything with a spoon and wait for the water to warm up again. Attention: It is not necessary to wait for the moment when the water boils again, so as not to digest our ingredients. Otherwise, they will become tough and tasteless. Just from time to time, stir everything with improvised inventory and monitor the color change of seafood. Shrimp should turn pale pink and squid white. Immediately after that, turn off the burner and drain the water from the pan directly into a sieve in the sink. For now, we leave our ingredients to cool in this condition.

Step 5: prepare the green onions.

We wash the feathers of green onions under running water. Then, put the ingredient on a cutting board, chop it with a knife across into thin rings. The finely chopped component is transferred to a deep bowl.

Step 6: prepare the celery leaves.

We wash the celery leaves under running water and then - lay them on a paper kitchen towel. We leave the ingredient aside so that excess liquid drains from it on its own.

Step 7: Prepare Chili Tomatoes

First, wash the cherry tomatoes under running water. After that, put the ingredient on a cutting board and cut it with a knife into two halves along the fruit. Shredded vegetable is transferred to a deep bowl with other chopped vegetables.

Step 8: prepare salad dressing.

So, pour lime juice, fish sauce into a medium bowl, and add sugar. Using a tablespoon, mix all the ingredients until a homogeneous liquid mass forms and, of course, sugar crystals do not come across the bottom of the container. At the end, add the chopped hot pepper and again gently mix everything with the improvised inventory.

Step 9: prepare a sea cocktail salad.

All the excess liquid is already glass with seafood, so we can prepare a salad. To do this, carefully pour the sea ingredients into a deep bowl with chopped vegetables, fill the dish with dressing and mix everything well with a tablespoon. After that, we shift the salad into a salad bowl or onto a flat serving dish and decorate with celery leaves.

Step 10: serve the sea cocktail salad.

Immediately after cooking, the dish can be served. Such a salad as a “sea cocktail” must be served immediately to the guests, as having lain a little in the refrigerator or just aside, it begins to drain and lose its aroma, pungency and refined taste. Good appetite!

Recipe Tips:

- - If you have delicate skin on your hands, then handle hot peppers, always with gloves, so as not to burn your skin.

- - If you thawed a seafood mixture in advance, then it is best to carefully put the ingredients in a pan with boiling water and cook over medium heat, stirring constantly, for 3-5 minutes or until the color of the shrimp and squid changes.

- - At will, you can salt and pepper the salad at the end, just before serving.

- - Ingredients such as a seafood mix and fish sauce can be found in the supermarket or at a seafood specialty store.