Christmas goose

Ingredients for Cooking Christmas Goose

Ingredients for making Christmas goose:

  1. Goose 1 carcass (weight from 1.5 to 2 kilograms)
  2. Water at least 5 liters
  3. Salt is about 400 grams
  4. Apple 2 pieces
  5. Prunes 300 grams
  6. Butter 100 grams
  7. Honey 2-3 tablespoons


  1. Ground white pepper 1 teaspoon
  2. Allspice, ground half a teaspoon
  3. Ground black pepper a quarter teaspoon or to taste
  4. Ground ginger 2-3 pinches
  5. Garlic powder 1 teaspoon
  6. Ground curry 1-2 pinches
  7. Turmeric powder half a teaspoon
  8. Coriander ground floor teaspoon
  • Main Ingredients: Goose, Prunes, Apple, Butter
  • Serving 1 serving
  • World Cuisine


Knife, Stove, Cutting board, Taz, Tablespoon, Teaspoon, Paper kitchen towels, Deep plate, Needle, Baking steamed thread (or twine), Iron skewer, Stewpan, Bowl, Non-stick baking dish, Oven, Kitchen towel, Kitchen towel spatula, large dish

Cooking Christmas Goose:

Step 1: prepare the duck.

If you bought a goose in specialized stores, it will be much easier for you, such a bird does not need to be gutted and cleaned. If you bought it in the market, the carcass may have small feathers and hairs that need to be removed. Using a knife, pry off the small feathers and pull them out of the skin with a light jerk of your hand. Then strip the goose away from the inside, kidneys, liver, lungs, heart, stomach, cut off excess fat and cut off the head with the neck, or if you wish, the neck may remain. Now the bird needs to be burned so that it does not have thin hairs. Remove the burner from the stove and turn it on at full power, gently take the goose in your hands, turn it in different directions above the fire, the goose’s skin is a little tightened, and small hairs will burn. Then rinse the goose under a stream of cold running water. Lay the goose down on the cutting board and press firmly on the bird with your hand, this way you will break the sternum, later it will be easier for you to stuff, sew and cut the finished goose. Then pour ordinary running water into a large basin, add the right amount of salt to it, and mix the mass with a tablespoon until the salt is completely dissolved. The liquid should not be salted. Dip the bird into the water and let it brew for 12 hours, this process will soften goose meat. During the soaking, water should completely cover the carcass of the bird. After the right time, remove the goose from the basin, rinse under running water and pat dry with paper towels.

Step 2: rub the goose with spices.

In a deep plate, mix all the spices listed above in the ingredients and rub the goose carcass inside and out with them. Leave one tablespoon of spices for the filling. While rubbing the carcass, do not miss more than one place of the legs, hips, wings, breast, ribs inside, everything should be covered with a thin fragrant layer of spices. Let the bird stand like this 20 minutes, and during this time, prepare the filling.

Step 3: prepare the filling and stuff the goose.

Rinse pitted seeds and apples under running water. Cut apples into 2 halves alternately, then cut the core from them, remove the stem and cut into slices thick up to 3 to 4 centimeters. Sprinkle the prepared ingredients with the remaining amount of spices. Stuff the goose with prunes and apples. At the edges of the tail and abdominal cavity, make a few small holes with the knife, so it will be easier for you to sew up the bird. After using a curved needle and a dense baking steam-oil thread, sew the goose abdomen so that there are no gaps. Take this step carefully, the denser the goose is sewn up, the more juice that will be secreted during baking from the bird and the filling will remain in the carcass and will permeate the inner walls of the bird. Goose meat is itself lean and a little harsh, of course, after pickling in salt water, it became a little softer. But nevertheless, for reinsurance and for the goose fat under the skin of the bird to be baked and soaked in meat, it is worth making several holes in the skin with an iron skewer. Do not pierce the bird through, just a skin and a layer of subcutaneous fat! Place the goose in a non-stick baking dish. Preheat the oven up to 180 - 190 degrees Celsius, no more!

Step 4: bake the goose.

Now put a small amount of butter in a small stewpan and place it on a stove that is on a medium level. Melt the butter, constantly stirring the fat with a tablespoon and preventing it from boiling. Remove the stewpan from the stove, pour the oil into the bowl, add the right amount of honey to it, mix the ingredients with a tablespoon until smooth and pour the resulting goose mass. Place the pan filled with the bird in the preheated oven and bake for 3 hours until cooked. During this time, the goose is perfectly baked and covered with a beautiful fragrant brown crust. Periodically open the stove and use a tablespoon to water the goose with the juice that the bird started. After the required time has passed, turn off the stove and allow the bird to cool down a bit right in the oven, it’s enough 10 to 15 minutes. Then remove the baking sheet from the oven with a kitchen towel, carefully transfer the goose to a large flat dish, helping yourself with a kitchen spatula, and serve it with a two-tootted fork and a sharp kitchen knife.

Step 5: serve the Christmas goose.

Christmas goose is served hot laid on a large dish. Immediately before serving, the bird is poured with juice, which it let during the baking with apples. Goose is cut into portions in the presence of guests and all family members. A two-toed fork holds the bird and cut it with a sharp large knife with a wide blade. By tradition, this bird is not divided into more than 10 parts: 2 legs, 2 hips, 2 forearms and 2 breasts, cut into 2 halves. As a side dish, baked vegetables, fresh vegetable salad, boiled rice, boiled potatoes or mashed potatoes are suitable for this dish. The ideal aperitif for a bird is red sweet wine, opponents of alcohol can enjoy this culinary masterpiece, washed down with pomegranate or grape juice. Royal dish for the royal table. Enjoy your meal!

Recipe Tips:

- - Instead of defending the goose carcass in salt water, you can pickle the bird in any marinade for 24 hours. During this time, the meat is soaked in spices mixed with salt and softened.

- - The spices indicated in this recipe are not essential, you can process the goose with any other spices you like that are suitable for poultry dishes.

- - Honey mixed with melted butter can be replaced with sugar.

- - The filling indicated in this recipe is not essential, the Christmas goose is a dish for the whole family and you can stuff it with any fruits and citrus fruits you like.

- - The longer the goose is pickled, the softer its meat becomes and the faster it cooks.