Liver cutlets

Ingredients for the preparation of liver patties

  1. Veal liver 500 g.
  2. Eggs 3-4 pcs.
  3. Onions 1-2 onions.
  4. Semolina 3-4 tbsp
  5. Salt. taste
  6. Pepper (to taste). taste
  7. Vegetable oil. taste
  • Key Ingredients
  • Serving 3 servings


Blender., Kitchen board., Frying pan., Knife., Stove.

Cooking liver cutlets:

Step 1: prepare the minced meat.

Peel the onion bulbs and chop them thoroughly with a blender. To clear a liver of a film and explicit vessels and to grind, also with the help of a blender. Then mix the liver with onions.

Step 2: the eggs.

When everything is mixed, add eggs to our minced meat and mix.

Step 3: semolina.

Add semolina to the meat of our future cutlets and put in the refrigerator for two, three hours. This will allow semolina to swell.

Step 4: mix the minced meat.

To fry cutlets, you need to add two tablespoons to the mincemeat vegetable oil (some places add pork fat). For cutlets, it is important to contain fat for productive frying. The principle is simple, cutlets give off fat as they are cooked, and this process allows you to fry well evenly.

Step 5: fry.

We spread on a tablespoon of minced meat in a well-heated pan, and fry on a quiet fire on both sides. A crust should form on each side.

Step 6: serve.

A dish such as liver patties will suit any occasion, whether it's a simple feast or a festive table. They will be a great addition to any side dish from cereal crops or potato dishes. You can decorate them with, for example, parsley, dill, or whatever other greens. No matter how you decide to eat them, I wish you ... Bon appetit!

Recipe Tips:

- - Try not to overcook cutlets so that they remain juicy and tasty.

- - Use refined oil when frying, as it is odorless and bitter

- - The liver can be pre-soaked in milk for a while, then let it dry. This process will remove the bitterness characteristic of the liver.