Meatloaf with egg filling

Ingredients for making meatloaf with egg filling

  1. Minced meat (it is better to take fatter, i.e. mixed minced meat, beef + pork) 800 grams.
  2. Chicken egg 4 pieces.
  3. Bread (middle slice without a crust, soaked in milk) 1 piece.
  4. Milk 2.5% fat to taste.
  5. Breadcrumbs 1/4 cup.
  6. Salt to taste.
  7. Ground black pepper to taste.
  8. A variety of seasonings for meat to taste.
  9. Garlic 2 cloves.
  10. Butter 2 tablespoons.
  11. Dill greens 1 small bunch.
  12. Parsley 1 small bunch,
  13. Cilantro 1 small bunch.
  14. Chives 1 small bunch.
  • Main Ingredients: Beef, Pork, Eggs
  • Serving 4-6
  • World Cuisine


Bowl deep for mincemeat, Wooden or plastic cutting board, Sharp knife, Stuffing bowl, Chaskonodavilka, Enamel bowl or mug for cooking eggs, Cooker, Oven, Baking tray, Plastic wrap, Foil food or parchment paper, Thread, Culinary brush for grease, trowel for flipping wood or metal, serving platter

Cooking meatloaf with egg filling:

Step 1: do the stuffing.

Take the stuffing. If you have it fresh, then drain excess water and blood from it and put it in a large bowl. If you have it frozen, then it should first be thawed. Never defrost minced meat in the microwave. At the same time, you will not only spoil the forcemeat itself, since during defrosting the forcemeat can boil a little, but in this way you can also ruin the microwave oven itself, preserving the smell of meat in it for a long time. Stuffing should be thawed only in a natural way, that is, put it in a plate and put it closer to the included stove for several hours. Or, if your minced meat is wound heavily in plastic bags, then it can be put in a bowl, which should be substituted under running hot water. In toga, your mincemeat will melt, the bag will lag behind the meat and you will not have to separate it from the meat for a long time. Then merge the melted water with blood and put it in a large bowl. So, the minced meat is already in the bowl and now we add to it 1 chicken egg. To do this, take the egg in one hand and the knife in the other. With a confident movement of your hand, strike exactly in the middle of the egg so that the eggshell crack. Then, with both hands, push apart the crack and release the contents of the egg into the bowl with the meat. Make sure that no piece of shell gets into the bowl. Now add a little salt to the egg and minced meat to taste and ground red or black pepper, and, at our discretion, add a little any seasoning to the meat. A piece of bread is soaked in a small amount of warm milk in a plate and when it is soaked - it should also be added to a bowl with minced meat and spices. Next, take the garlic, lay there 2 peeled cloves garlic and squeeze it into a bowl with minced meat. Now we stir everything with a spoon, and then with our hands we knead until smooth.

Step 2: mix the greens with the egg.

The remaining 3 eggs put in a large enameled mug or bowl, fill with cold water, add generously salt and a little vinegar 7%. Vinegar and salt will prevent eggs from bursting during cooking and will in no way affect the taste of boiled eggs. So, now we put everything on a big fire, and when the water in the mug / bowl boils, we make the fire moderate and leave the eggs to boil for about minutes 15-18 until ready. Then remove the cooked eggs from the heat and substitute under running cold water to cool. We clear the cooled eggs from the shell, put them on a cutting board and chop finely. Put the chopped egg in a separate plate. We take bunches of greens, carefully wash them under running water from sand and dirt, put them on paper towels so that the moisture can easily drain from them, and our greens dry out a bit. Now we separate the dried greens as much as possible from the trunks and finely chop on a cutting board. After that, carefully mix the greens with the chopped egg in a bowl.

Step 3: form the roll.

On a clean and dry table, spread out a plastic wrap, preferably in 2-3 layers, sprinkle abundantly with breadcrumbs on top of its entire surface. Then we wet our hands with water so that the stuffing does not pester in it, pick up a small amount of stuffing from the bowl and put it in parts on top of the breadcrumbs. At the same time, it should be rammed a little with your hands. As a result, the whole stuffing should be transformed into a single layer. Then we distribute all our filling on top of the minced meat, and in the middle we spread a couple of pieces of very frozen butter. Now I wash my hands, wipe them dry and gently, slowly, constantly holding our film on one edge, we begin to turn our meat layer into a roll. When the roll is rolled up, its edges are best plucked. The film is best removed, it is more useful to us.

Step 4: bake the roll.

We set our oven to warm up on 180-220 degrees, and while it is warming up - we take a roll that is suitable for the size of the roll, you can take more - a baking sheet. From above on its bottom we lay out food parchment paper or food foil. With a culinary brush, grease it with oil, it is best to take butter, but you can lubricate everything with any vegetable. Then we crush the necessary area with a small amount of breadcrumbs and gently with both hands our roll from the table to the baking sheet. Seam should be laid roll down. This should be done quite carefully so that it does not disperse, otherwise when baking, the butter will melt and will flow out of the roll with part of the filling. This can even lead to its strong adherence to foil or parchment paper. We put the baking tray with the roll in the middle of the preheated oven and bake it for 50-60 minutes.

Step 5: serve meatloaf with egg filling.

When the roll is ready, take it out of the preheated oven, place a baking sheet with it on a wooden stand for hot, cover it with a waffle towel for a short time, and then cut it into pieces, which we turn with a cooking spatula and carefully transfer it to a serving dish. The dish can be served on the table. Enjoy your meal!

Recipe Tips:

- - You can cook the mince yourself at will. To do this, take pieces of fresh, washed and already a little dried meat, which are then finely chopped on the board. It is believed that such chopped minced meat is much tastier. In our version, in this form, unfortunately, it cannot be left. After that, you need to scroll it several times through a meat grinder, leave for half an hour in a bowl and then drain the excess liquid that has drained from it. Stuffing should not be very powerful.

- - butter during baking not only lubricates the filling and does not prevent it from drying out, but also lifts the roll. Then, when cutting, a small amount of it can leak out of the roll, therefore, it is best to cut the roll not on a baking sheet, but on the serving dish itself.

- - As a side dish, slices of boiled potatoes with various tomato sauce or ketchup are ideal for such a roll.

- - if you didn’t succeed in properly stitching the seam on the roll, then in order to avoid opening the seams, you can tie it with ordinary thread in several places, just remember to take it off before you cut the roll into pieces.