Mascarpone at home

Ingredients for Mascarpone Cooking at Home

  1. Animal cream (25%) 1 l
  2. Lemon 2 Pcs.
  • Main IngredientsLemon, Cream
  • Serving 1 serving
  • World CuisineItalian Cuisine


Knife, Cutting board, Plates, Stove, Pots of different diameters for a water bath, Thermometer, Gauze, Tablespoon, Colander, Bowl, Refrigerator, Bends (bag with groats, a can of water, etc.)

Mascarpone cooking at home:

Step 1: Prepare the ingredients.

We have only 2 ingredients, but they also require some preparation. Cream is needed of animal origin, without any additives, with a fat content of at least 25%. Pour the specified amount of cream into a clean and dry saucepan, the smaller of the two in diameter, and then install a thermometer in it. Keeping track of the temperature to which the cream is heated is very important in this recipe. Lemons need to be washed and cut in half, squeeze the juice in a plate. To make mascarpone, we need 3 tablespoons of juice.

Step 2: Heat the cream.

With a thermometer, we will monitor the temperature of the cream, and with a spoon - constantly stir them. Turn on the fire under a saucepan of a larger diameter and pour water into it. Then we put a smaller saucepan inside it, into which we already poured the cream. Bring the water to a boil over medium heat, then reduce it a little and wait until the temperature in the saucepan with cream reaches 85 degrees. After this, remove the cream from the stove, but do not turn off the fire - it will still be needed. Pour in a thin stream of lemon juice, without stopping stirring the cream. Look at the thermometer - the temperature should drop to 82 degrees. We return the pan to the water bath and continue stirring the cream, preventing the temperature from rising above 84 degrees.

Step 3: Determine the readiness of the cream.

No one will be able to tell you a specific time for warming the cream. But there is a great guideline - the spoon with which you stir the cream. Pay attention to how the cream flows from it, I will give photos of different stages for clarity. In the photo on the left is the initial stage when you just added lemon juice. And in the photo on the right - after some heating. But this is not what we need. When the warmed cream looks like a thick cream, and begins to drain from the spoon in a slow trickle, enveloping its walls, you can turn off the heat and remove the cream pan from the water bath. Without stopping stirring cool the cream to 45 degrees.

Step 4: Filter the resulting serum.

And we will do this in two stages. First, wrap the colander with a layer of gauze and pour the condensed cream into it. We put a bowl under a colander, the liquid part of whey will actively drain into it. As the cream shrinks, we clean them with a spoon from the cloth and fold them to the center, to the rest. When the serum stops actively dropping, transfer it to gauze, folded in 5-6 layers and hang up with a bag, letting the night hang and “drip”. For those who cooked cottage cheese at home, this process is familiar.

Step 5: Cool the serum under oppression.

In the morning, remove the gauze bag with serum, put it back in a colander, install oppression on top in the form of a jar of water or another heavy object, and then remove this design in the refrigerator until 9 pm - 9 pm. You can get a bag, gently mix the contents, and control the density of the mascarpone. When it reaches the limit you need, you can get the mascarpone from the refrigerator. Here's what you should get: If the cheese turned out to be a little lumpy, do not worry - when whipping into a cream, the lumps will disappear, and the mascarpone will be as it should. For example, I also want to show you the difference between making cream mascarpone from cream 10% (left) and 20% (right): As you can see, it is better to use high-quality, fresh and rich cream. Then the mascarpone will turn out soft.

Step 6: Serve or use ready-made mascarpone in cooking.

We have prepared a delicious soft mascarpone cheese, which can be used in the preparation of tiramisu or other dessert, or simply spread on bread. Enjoy your meal!

Recipe Tips:

- - Do not throw away the lemon peel, cut it from the fruit - after all, very often peel is needed to prepare some dishes. It can also be used to treat colds and for other purposes.

- - Serum, which is a glass with mascarpone, is well suited for making delicious pancakes.

- - From the specified amount of cream, about 450-500 g of mascarpone is obtained.

- - Instead of lemon juice, you can add 0.25 teaspoon of citric acid to the cream.