Fried carp caviar

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  • .flour
  • .salt pepper
  • .oil

Servings: -

Preparation time: less than 15 minutes

RECIPE HOW TO PREPARE Fried carp caviar:

Wash the caviar under running water and then let it drain on an absorbent paper. Season to taste with salt and pepper, add flour and fry in hot oil. It can be served hot or cold accompanied by a salad.


Fluffy and tender fish meatballs recipe for fish fritters

Fluffy and tender fish meatballs recipe for fish fritters. A recipe for fish meatballs with a crispy crust and a soft and juicy core. How to make fried fish meatballs in a pan or oven? What fish do we use for meatballs? What vegetables and flavors are added to fish meatballs?

I made these fluffy and tender fish meatballs (fish meatballs with corn and leeks), starting from a classic American recipe for & # 8222fish fritters & # 8221 (corn croquettes) with corn. They came out to me the best fish meatballs that I ever did! Corn grains give the juiciness of these meatballs over them remain very tender and soft. I didn't chop the fish completely either, keeping a third of it in larger pieces. It's nice to find such pieces of fish fillets in meatballs! I also gave them a spicy note using a few drops of sriracha (hot chili sauce). You can not put it if small children eat these meatballs.

The whole recipe is designed by me, to my taste and that of my family. And I really did very well!

Here's how nice my fish meatballs with corn and leeks are inside! If you do not like corn you can not put it or replace it with bell peppers (red, yellow) cut into small cubes. It was not in vain that I named them fluffy and tender fish meatballs!

My daughter is crazy about fish and would eat it in any form. This time I decided to make her fish meatballs with corn and leeks and she really liked them!

I used Alaska codock, corn, greens and leeks (maybe green onions). The flavors were simple: salt, pepper, onion, grated peel and lemon juice. In addition, for extra flavor I put a slice of smoked salmon. When I repeated the recipe (less than a week away), I replaced the salmon with 2-3 anchovy fillets (salted sardines in oil). Both smoked salmon and anchovy fillets (anchovy, anchovies) brought a special flavor to these simple fish meatballs!

Many of you have reservations about fried foods in an oil bath so I'll tell you from the beginning that you can bake these fish meatballs in the oven, without rolling them in breadcrumbs. The breadcrumbs create a floury, reddish and crunchy crust, a barrier that prevents the meat from soaking with the oil from the pan. Instead, if you choose the oven version you will have to give up breadcrumbs. It will remain white and dry and the meatballs will look unsightly. They must be greased with oil before being baked. See how I proceeded with the baked chicken meatballs & # 8211 recipe here. However, do not expect the baked ones to be as fine as the ones fried in oil! It's your choice.

From the quantities below it results approx. 4 servings, ie 11-12 fluffy and tender fish meatballs.

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39 comments to & bdquoCarp caviar salad & rdquo

What a craving you made me !! The eggs are not missing from our menu, but I boiled the semolina in water & # 8230 & # 8230 is much better in milk, why didn't it cross my mind: -? I'm so glad you opened my head, I'll kiss you!

Unfortunately I have to tell you that caviar does not mix with anything. As a rule, from the Danube Delta I learned, put the caviar in a bowl and mix it with a wooden spoon only with a spoonful of oil. I laugh at how we make mayonnaise with fish caviar taste. The recipe, at least in Transylvania, is a tablespoon or two of salted caviar, a pinch of mustard and oil. Put the caviar in the bowl with the mustard and beat 1 / 2 minutes after which add a teaspoon of oil at the beginning
until they start to assimilate the oil. Then you can put more oil, when they harden add a tablespoon of water and continue beating. At the end add the lemon juice - according to taste - continue to beat with the mixer and oil until they the consistency of not flowing out of the bowl. The role of lemon is to cut the fat given by the oil. clean the bowl without throwing the cut caviar and resume the process with a new spoon of caviar, gradually adding a teaspoon of the cut caviar. Have fun!

Mircea thanks for the recipe. Honestly, I'm from Transylvania, but it didn't happen to put mustard in the caviar, nor did I hear a friend put it on. But I am receptive to ideas :). I promise to try the recipe as you wrote it.

Well Mirceo this is exactly what you do: a fish-flavored mayonnaise & # 8230just that instead of chicken eggs you use fish eggs. I like nature with a little salt and lemon or on a bed of grated black radish with 2 drops of lemon. Merota tried. At the highest.

Ginette, please try them with semolina boiled in milk, you'll like it I assure you :). Many kisses !

I see you haven't changed anything on the facade. I haven't heard from you. Give a sign.

Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like BT aint for me either.

Cristina, unfortunately, I didn't have time :( but I hope to solve it as soon as possible.


Mary, what would I not give to stay in Dobrogea for at least a week to get tired of fish :)). Your version is also made by my mother and you are right, it is very good. Next time I will try it and put pictures. Kiss you and have a happy New Year!

I tried the recipe, but I had the caviar kept in the freezer for a while. Is this a problem, because the salad didn't turn out properly?

In what sense did it not come out? Did they cut themselves? Maybe you put too much oil at once & # 8230 I made caviar from the freezer and it came out perfectly good.

It didn't come out: the composition came out too soft. And yes, I think I put too much oil in at once. I hope it comes out next time.

Dear Amalia,
Thanks for all the networks, I never made caviar and I tried these. Very simple to make, they turned out super good, everyone praised them and asked me for the recipe :)))) I recommended your blog to everyone, you really are great & # 8230Thank you very much and please don't stop amazing :).
With love,

Lory thank you very much for your appreciation, I hope you try other recipes from the blog :).

Hello Amalia, first of all Congratulations !! you are a perfect cook, I made countless recipes from your blog and they all came out great, I have a question about caviar salad, I saw that you had fresh caviar, does it work with caviar bought from Negro or something kind?? the problem is that they are very salty and I don't think they are rubbed with salt, possibly to wash them with a sieve before?
Did you try to do it and it came out?
Thank you very much

Anonymously you can put them in a sieve, then put them under running water, let them drain and do not add salt at all. I tried purchased herring caviar.

Now I make the recipe with caviar (for the first time I make them at home).

I saw that you are Capricorn (like me) so I want to wish you Happy Birthday! with health and many accomplishments.

are fff good! I tried them.
I used herring caviar from negro (per box-100g)
how fast they are made and how good they are. # 8230.
I didn't untie them beforehand

Alina and I still use those :) & # 8230 I'm glad they came out, I'm convinced that from now on you will prepare them at home :).

come bombard me with questions & # 8230sorry! caviar and creams are the only recipes that never come out nush dc & # 8230cred k I don't know their secret. Is it the reason & # 8230? I didn't put enough oil? my secret pls! I love caviar but I never get out & # 8230. :(

Ady if they haven't hardened enough maybe you put too much water & # 8230 first rub them with semolina, then add a little oil and mix & # 8230 to dissolve & # 8222 dissolve & # 8221 add water but a little teaspoon & # 8222 8230 then oil again and so on & # 8230 from time to time you put lemon juice. I hope you succeed, write to me.

next week i will do it when i get home & # 8230iti i will definitely write.ms much for advice: *

My first caviar prepared was pike, from a glass jar. I made them without semolina and with chopped onions and without mixer. They came out super good, they just cut ..
I just found your recipe and it's the second time I put on the preparation. I put water instead of milk, due to lack of stocks. : P The raw material was also from the 100 g box from Negro.
They came out very good, but they have only one problem: they are bitter! :( I didn't taste them until the end, so I don't know if they were bitter before putting onions. Therefore the number of possible causes is not restricted .. I say I washed them well, because they had no skin "Can it be from grated onions instead of chopped? I've heard that before. Thank you."

I honestly don't know how to answer you, it could be from onions.

uuuuauuuuuuuuuuuuuu! super and creamy it was now I'm going to see if it works out for me too.


On average, female Atlantic species can mature up to 100 thousand eggs. After fertilization it takes up to 3 weeks, after which the larvae begin to hatch with a length of up to 8 millimeters. One week after hatching, the larvae are transported away from the currents. With the appearance of September the larvae grow up to 6 cm, and begin to move large masses on the shore. Upon reaching body length of more than 7 centimeters, the juvenile begins to spread Barents.

Given the timing and some of the characteristics of spawning fish, herring is divided into several races:

  • For spring spawning seldke accepted for Norwegian and Icelandic fishing. During the feeding period large herds go batten in the Barents Sea water. Puberty, these people reach 8 years. At this age, with the onset of fish in early spring is sent to Iceland, Norway and some nearby islands. For the temperature of the breeding water must be above 10 degrees Celsius and.
  • The main representatives of people who deposit summer eggs accepted for Icelandic fishing. Unlike the representative described above, this type has a very high fecundity. On average, the individual can sweep up to 200 thousand tons of eggs, while spring breeders give birth to up to 70 thousand eggs. This type of herring also reaches sexual maturity in the fourth year of life. Spawning usually takes place near New England, Scotland and southern Greenland.

the information described above should not be taken as a rule. Very often, there are people who go to spawn in the fall and winter.

Fish entitled "Hering" is more than 50 species and marine and freshwater fish, and sometimes it is widespread in almost the entire temperate zone. This fish is of great commercial importance. Tasty herring in almost any form, so there are a huge number of recipes for its preparation. Especially valuable caviar herring, which is sold in small jars, as in the photo.

Recipe caviar salad and tips

Let's face it: I have nothing against those who put semolina, bread, potatoes or other miracles in caviar salad. I do not claim to present you with a hearty recipe, with the calories counted as some so-called "nutritionists" claim, which I can not take seriously, given that they barely fit on the door and their CV it contains absolutely nothing related to nutrition, medicine or food engineering. I give you an authentic, traditional recipe. Whoever wants to make semolina in caviar, has nothing but. I also ate caviar with semolina and they didn't sit in my throat. But I don't put semolina in caviar and I will never put it and the real caviar salad is made without semolina. Because, you know something? Caviar salad is not a stew, you don't have to get tired of it. That's why you don't need to multiply it with semolina (or bread).

Caviar salad is an appetizer that must be small and of good quality - that is the definition of the appetizer. Who the hell is tired of an aperitif? And why would I consider the "nutritionally balanced" recipe for caviar multiplied by a ton of semolina, especially when it comes from a "specialist" who weighs two quintals and a quarter? As I said, the amount of oil is not standard. It can be 500 ml, it can be less. Anyway, whoever prepares caviar as often as I do (that means 2-3 times a month), doesn't even weigh the oil, puts it in his eyes and feels when it's time to stop.

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