Cheese balls

Cheese Ball Ingredients

  1. Hard cheese 200 gr.
  2. Chicken eggs 2 pcs.
  3. Salt pinch
  4. Premium wheat flour - 100 gr. taste
  5. Vegetable oil 5 tbsp. spoons
  • Main Ingredients
  • Serving 4 servings
  • World Cuisine


Grater, Bowl, Plate, Whisk, Frying pan, Wooden spatula, Paper towels, Serving dish

Cooking cheese balls:

Step 1: Cook the cheese mass for the balls.

First, we separate the egg whites from the yolks. To do this, break the eggs, but do not open the shell to the end. This must be done over the bowl. In this case, protein will pour into it through the hole in the shell, and the yolk will remain inside. When this manipulation is performed for 2 eggs, it is necessary to salt the proteins a little and thoroughly beat with a whisk until a light foam. In a separate plate, grate hard cheese on a fine grater. After that, combine the protein mass with cheese and carefully knead the contents with a spoon or hands.

Step 2: Form the cheese balls.

We make cheese balls exclusively with our hands. In order to make them more aesthetic in the end, hands must be constantly moistened with cold water. Grab a little cheese mass and roll it in your palms into a neat and uniform ball. Choose its size according to taste and desire, but keep in mind that it should be moderate, since when frying, the balls are almost doubled. In addition, the cooking time of the dish depends on its size.

Step 3: Fry the dish.

Pour the vegetable oil into the pan and put it on medium heat. Roll each ball in flour and gently place it on a preheated pan. Remember that the balls will increase at the time of cooking in size, so they initially do not need to be laid out too close to each other. Fry cheese round cheese on all sides for 2-3 minutes each. As soon as the ball is browned on all sides, remove it from the pan.

Step 4: Serve the cheese balls.

Ready cheese balls need a little hold on a grid or on paper towels. Thus, all excess oil must drain. You can even pick up paper napkins and blot our product from all sides, as if to dry it from oil. So, the balls will be even tastier. Put them on a dish. It can be covered in advance with lettuce leaves for beauty. Serve cheese balls with any sauce that you like or regular sour cream. Good appetite!

Recipe Tips:

- - Cheese balls can be deep-fried, if you like this way more. In the same case, the cooking time is reduced significantly. But do not forget to soak excess oil after such cooking.

- - Cheese balls go well with creamy and spicy sauces. They can be served as an addition to the broth or as a snack to other dishes. Very often cheese balls are consumed with beer or a glass of wine.

- - If you suddenly run out of flour, then do not worry. You can also use breadcrumbs as a batter for balls.