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Cake "Snickers"

Ingredients for making Snickers cake

  1. sponge cake 1 pc. (ready, purchased)
  2. boiled condensed milk 1 can
  3. peanuts 350 gr. (fried)
  4. cream 80-100 gr. (the greater the fat content - the tastier and caloric)
  5. milk chocolate 2 tiles of 100 gr.
  6. sugar 0, 5 tbsp. (for making syrup)
  7. water 0.5 tbsp. (for making syrup)
  • Main ingredients: Milk, Sugar
  • Serving 4 servings


pan, glass (cake cutter), cutting board, blender (food processor for chopping roasted peanuts)

Cooking Snickers cake:

Step 1: Cook the sugar syrup.

Pour sugar into the pan and add the same amount of water. Boil the syrup over low heat, stirring constantly.

Step 2: Making Biscuit Cake

Cut the finished biscuit into 1 cm thick cakes. To do this, cut the biscuit in layers - 2-3 times. Now give the cakes a round shape, like a cake. Take an ordinary glass (or a special mold), and with this glass of cakes cut round biscuit cakes. Cut as close to each other as possible to make more cakes. Grind peanuts better chopped (with a blender or knife on a cutting board). However, you can leave the peanuts nuts whole if you want.

Step 3: Melt the milk chocolate (icing).

Melt the milk chocolate. You can do this, for example, using a water bath: putting chocolate bars in a small bowl, and putting this bowl in a large pot filled with water. Put a large pot on medium heat and stoke the chocolate. Another way to melt the icing is to use a microwave. To do this, put the milk chocolate bars in a heat-resistant dish, turn on the maximum power and warm up for 1-2 minutes.

Step 4: Smear the cakes with boiled condensed milk.

Spread each crust well with sugar syrup. Pour the boiled condensed milk over the Sneakers cake and put the second cake on top. Sprinkle crushed peanuts with chopped nuts on top, pour the cake with icing of milk chocolate. Before serving, it is better to cool the Snickers cake in the refrigerator for at least half an hour. Enjoy your meal!

Recipe Tips:

- - The dessert is designed for 10 servings. To increase the number of servings, take twice as many ingredients.

- - You can make a Snickers cake three- and even four-layer. To do this, put the desired number of cakes (layers) on top of each other. Do not forget to pour boiled condensed milk on top.

- - You can use any combination as a cream. For example, boiled condensed milk can be replaced with regular condensed milk mixed with a half-pack of butter. Or, instead of roasted peanuts, put slices of fresh apple sprinkled with cinnamon. In a word, fantasize! This cake allows for various options.