Exotic peach jam

The peaches are cut into cubes, and the pineapple is passed with a blender.

The fruits are left overnight with sugar on them to leave the juice, otherwise they catch on fire. The next day add the ginger and put the pot on low heat (preferably on plates / tiles) and leave until it thickens and gels if you take a little with a spoon and leave it to cool on a plate.

Peach tart with lemon scent

A very summery cake, for fruit, and that is ideal for a snack at home by the pool. The inside of the cake is slightly "drunk" with the juice released by the peaches when baking. A delight. Touching citrus with peach works wonderfully the same we can use peaches or nectarinesEven apple slices, although it will not come out as juicy. I propose two finishes or presentations Which one will you choose?

175 g of creamy butter and a little more for the mold
165g sugar
2 tablespoons grated lemon peel
3 eggs
150 g of flour
1 teaspoon baking powder
70 g sour cream (or unsweetened Greek yogurt otherwise)
3 peaches, sliced
powdered icing sugar (option 1)
Apricot jam (option 2)
whipped cream to accompany (if we like)

Preheat the oven to 180 ° C. Grease a mold with a diameter of 25 cm
Wash the peaches without seeds and cut them into pieces.

Using a blender, mix the butter, sugar and lemon zest until creamy - 6-8 minutes.
Add the eggs one at a time, beating one mixer at a time. Add the sifted flour twice, with the yeast and cream mix lightly.

Pour the dough into the mold and decorate on top with slices of peach on top. Bake for 50-60 minutes, until a toothpick inserted in the control comes out clean. Let the cake cool for 10 minutes in the mold, unroll it and cool it completely on a shelf.

Sprinkle with icing sugar (option 1) or paint the surface with preheated apricot jam to give shine (option 2) and serve with whipped cream, if desired.

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Peach jam roll

Celina74 sent another recipe to our contest "We are waiting for spring with sweets".

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4 eggs, 4 tablespoons sugar, 4 tablespoons rum essence flour

Method of preparation

Separate the egg whites from the yolks. The beaten egg whites are mixed with the yolks rubbed with sugar and rum essence, flour is added, stirring lightly until incorporated. Put baking paper in a larger tray and turn over the composition obtained. Spread on the entire surface of the tray and put in the oven for 10-15 minutes.
When it is ready, roll it so hot with the baking paper and wrap it in a dry towel. After it has cooled, remove the paper lightly, fill the sheet with jam and roll it. Keep cold for at least 30 minutes before cutting.


Usually I like to make the dough from the whole given amount and I prepare only half, I put the rest in the bag and put it in the freezer. In general, I like to prepare these peaches when I know that I have two holidays or anniversaries quite close to each other (up to 3 months).

Also in the chapter that I like is the size of the balls I form. I take a small amount of dough with a teaspoon and shape it with my fingers, but I am careful not to make the balls bigger than a large olive.

The amount of jam you have to use, the sugar for decoration, the cloves and the mint leaves I left without written quantities because it is at your choice how much dough you want to bake and how many peaches you will get. So, at work.

Preheat the oven to medium temperature (350 f or 180 c) and prepare the baking trays with waxed paper or whatever you want). Put the eggs in a bowl together with the sugar and beat with the mixer until you get a fluffy cream, with doubled volume and color changed to a very light one.

Then add the oil and mix, then add the milk and vanilla. If you want you can use more flavor than I put in the recipe. Homogenize and then add flour mixed with salt and baking powder. Also with the mixer, mix until you get a soft and sticky cream.

With a teaspoon we take small lumps of dough and with our palms and fingers greased, we shape balls the size of a large olive that we place in the tray prepared in advance. We take care to form the balls of the same size because at the end we will have to glue them two at a time.

these balls will grow when baked so don't be afraid that too small peaches will come out.
Bake until they become slightly golden, be careful not to make them too brown as they become brittle and we cannot dig them out properly, risking breaking them all.

When we take them out of the oven we detach them from the tray (paper) but we leave them on the tray and with a knife we ​​start to dig their bottom taking care to leave an edge. We gather the core in a bowl. Only when we reach the half with the hollow of the balls, we put the second tray with baking balls.

We have time to finish hollowing everything until the second round is baked. By doing so, we scoop them out much better and faster than if we let them cool. They will harden when they are cold and we must work carefully not to break them. We arrange them with the hole up on a plate.

When we have finished baking and hollowing out all the shells (balls) we move on to the next step. The material resulting from the grinding is ground, crushed with a fork or fingers or can be put in a food processor to form small crumbs. Mix with peach jam which must be slightly softer than the one with store pectin and which has a dense, hard consistency.

Add the rum aroma to taste, mix well to obtain a cream that is quite soft but does not flow and with this we will fill each half of the ball. When we have finished filling, we take two halves and glue them together and with a clean finger we wipe the cream that will come out between the two halves, when gluing.

After we finished gluing, we took two deep and narrow vessels (I used two disposable glasses that I cut from height so I could walk in them more easily.

In the glasses we put about 50 ml of peach liqueur (orange, white martini or whatever other alcohol you like but it doesn't have a too dark color) in each one after which we put the food color, red in one glass and yellow in the second. We make the color concentrated because this is how the solution works better in the dough and a beautiful, more natural color comes out.

Put a sugar on a plate or a paper napkin and move on to the next step. We take a peach and immerse it in the red solution but only for three quarters, we take it out and dab it a little with a napkin to remove the excess liquid and then we immerse it in the second color, with the end left uncolored but taking care to pass the yellow color and a little over the red one, we dab with the napkin and according to the yellow color, after which we roll them in sugar, taking care to cover them on all sides. Place them on a grill covered with napkins and let them dry.

After drying, we place them in a bowl, cover them with food foil and the next day, between the two glued halves we put a mint leaf and a clove stick. They will soften and freeze until the next day.
Put in the cheese and serve

Peach jam

Composition: peaches (60%) and sugar (40%)
Storage conditions: store in a cool, dry place, away from sunlight and frost, at a temperature not exceeding 20 C
After opening, it will be kept cold, at a maximum temperature of 10 and will be consumed in a maximum of 30 days.

Net amount : 370 gr.
Producer : Together for Social Solidarity Foundation

Peaches are considered to be & # 8220fruits of longevity & # 8221 due to their high vitamin A content.

It strongly vitalizes the organs, being recommended especially for the elderly, but also for children. Peaches have a high level of nutritional value. We remind you that 100 g of peaches also contain 0.7 g of protein, 0.09 g of fat, 11.10 g of carbs, 2 g of fiber, 5 mg of calcium, 0.11 mg of iron, 7 mg of magnesium, 12 mg of phosphorus (helps maintain the health of nerve cells), 197 mg of potassium, 0.14 mg of zinc, 0.068 mg of copper, 0.047 mg of potassium, 6.6 mg of vitamin C.

Peaches are also indicated in diets due to low calories: only 43 calories / 100 grams.

The benefits of these fruits:

Protects the eyes, protects the nervous system, prevents the appearance of obesity, are good for digestion, beneficial in pregnancy, fights cancer, takes care of the skin.

However, peaches are contraindicated for those who are known to be allergic to pollen or for those with gastrointestinal problems, due to the high level of acidity and the well-known laxative effect. They can be successfully replaced with nectarines, which have a lower allergenic potential than peaches.

In winter they can be preserved in the form of jam, jam, compote or dried. To remind you of the taste of summer, we suggest Grandma's Peach Jam. The jam is delicate, has a balanced sweet-sour taste and is suitable for combinations with tarts, pies or as a filling for donuts, etc.

Our product: 100% natural peach jam

Organic, No preservatives or food additives

Composition: peaches (60%) and sugar (40%)
Storage conditions: store in a cool, dry place, away from sunlight and frost, at a temperature not exceeding 20 C
After opening, it will be kept cold, at a maximum temperature of 10 and will be consumed in a maximum of 30 days.

Net amount : 370 gr.
Producer : Together for Social Solidarity Foundation

Sugar-free peach jam ingredients:

Peaches for jam are chosen from the most ripe, they are also the sweetest. Wash well and drain, then carefully remove the kernels. Being very ripe, removing the seeds will be quite problematic, but patiently anything can be done. After the seeds have been removed, place the peaches in an enameled bowl and mix with the sweetener. They will be left in this vessel overnight.

The next day, the fruit mixture is put on low heat first, then put harder. Squeeze the lemon zest and put the juice over the jam. Stir occasionally with a wooden spoon. The jam must be very tight, without juice. When the fruits are bound and no juice is ready. If you want the jam to be more compact, you can crush the fruit with a blender.

The jars are washed well and put to sterilize in the hot oven for a few minutes. The jam is put in jars when it is still hot. The jars are covered with a lid or cellophane tied with string. Store in a pantry or cool place. Serve with bread and butter, in pancakes or any other dessert you want. Good appetite!

How to make peach jam with lemon?

The peaches are washed, wiped and cut into slices. I cut a peach first in two and then in quarters and each quarter in 2. Then I cut the slices into quite large pieces, in 2-3. You can also use nectarines.

I didn't peel the peaches because it seems crazy. There is all the flavor, the beautiful reddish color & # 8230god what good aromas it has! It's a shame to throw the shell in the trash.

Directly in the pan in which I will make the jam I put the peaches and the sugar. I sliced ​​half a lemon and from the rest (the remaining half + a whole lemon) I squeezed the juice. Lemon keeps the beautiful and light color of the fruit. I mixed everything carefully and put the lid on the pan. I let it sit for 2 hours. The fruits left the juice during this time.

How and how much peach jam is boiled?

I put the pan with fruit on the fire (medium heat) and I brought everything to a boil, stirring occasionally. From the moment they started to boil, I slightly increased the flame and timed it for 10 minutes. I stirred occasionally, being careful not to crush them. Then I pulled the peach jam from the fire and covered the pan with a wet, well-squeezed towel and let it cool for an hour.

Meanwhile, the syrup turned reddish, the peach pieces slightly transparent, translucent. During this time of rest and cooling, the fruits absorb the sweet syrup around them and are confident.

I put the pan on the fire again and brought it back to the boil. This time I stirred constantly. I timed 15 minutes (over medium heat) calculated from the moment the peach jam started to boil again. Ready!

How much is a syrup, a jam or a jam boiled? The simplest and most correct is to use a confectionery thermometer and to follow its gradations: at 105 C the jam stage is reached and we can stop boiling. Yes, all water sugar solutions will have the same consistency and concentration at 105 C but it will take more or less until we reach this stage, depending on the water content of the fruit. My thermometer can be purchased here.

I covered the pan again with a damp towel and let it cool completely.

My peach jam has a great, reddish color and the syrup is well bound. However, it will thicken after it cools completely.

# 1 Blackberry jam recipes like at grandma's house

Ready to find out our first version? Always easy to make and with a rich taste.

Here are the ingredients you need for a blackberry jam!

It always starts by carefully washing the blackberries under a stream of cold water. Subsequently, the fruit must be drained very well.

Place the blackberries in a thick-bottomed bowl and add the sugar. Crush some of the blackberries with a spoon.

Put the container on low heat and mix the blackberries well. Add the vanilla pod, cut in half.

After about 5 minutes, the sugar begins to melt. Add the lime juice.

The jam needs to boil. For the next 12 hours, leave the jam "to rest".

Then boil the contents for another 30 minutes. Constantly removes the foam formed.

After cooling, the jam is placed in well-sterilized jars.

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Peach mousse cake

  • For starters we prepare the top as follows:
    rub the yolks well with the sugar, add the beaten egg whites,
    then gradually flour mixed with baking powder and walnuts, mixing gently with a spoon.

Beat the egg whites and mix them with the cold yolks
and with gelatin dissolved in peach syrup.

Put all the ingredients in a small pot and simmer.
stirring constantly, until it acquires the consistency of a cream.
The glaze should not be boiled too much because it becomes bitter.

Peach jam, detailed step-by-step recipe

Many of you write to me that you are testing my recipes and I am very happy, and for that I can only thank you! The other day, a lady asked me to give her the recipe for peach jam, which I served for breakfast, in the restaurant of the hotel where I work. Since then I said that the next recipe will clearly be the peach jam that we make at home, without preservatives or you wonder what gels are left for the production of preserves and pickles.

If we still have fruit for breakfast, and quality prevails, with the remaining fruit we always make jam or you wonder what desserts, so nothing is lost and we always meet customers with fresh and new products.

That's how I made this peach jam and on this occasion I also write a recipe coming to meet you always with news.


Method of preparation:

In my case, I keep the fruits with the skin, once because I like the color and secondly, for the unmistakable aroma of the fruit from which I make the jam. But if you want, you can scald the peaches and peel them.

We cut the peaches in half, we take out the seeds after which we cut each half in 4.

Put the fruit in a bowl, add the sugar and lemon juice over the peaches and stir from time to time until the sugar melts.

Pour the fruit mixture into a pot and simmer until it binds.

While the jam is boiling, wash the jars and put them in the oven to sterilize. To sterilize the jars, heat the oven to 180 degrees and let them heat up.

Pour the jam into hot jars, put the lids and put them in towels to cool gradually.

Simple, fast and with a perfect taste! So I wish you good work and good appetite!